I haven’t! But I do enjoy a good chai!


Its a British standard!!!

Pm an address and I’ll hook you up. You want PG or Yorkshire tea?


The only vice I have been allowed to keep. My favourite beans are Friday Street, from St Martins Coffee shop in Leicester.


PG is good but Yorkshire beats it for me.


Carajillo de Bailey’s con hielo y ya está.

None of this fashionable, ‘speciality’ nonsense :wink:


I can only drink 1 a day as well. I have to drink it over a couple of hours, so yeah, cold coffee for me haha. I don’t get anxiety if I drink more than 1, but I do get stressed, sweatty and dizzy.
In the past I could drink 4 cups a day as most coffee drinking people. But after a studio night with a friend it went wrong. We got drunk in wine and later when we got tired I drank at least a pot of coffee for myself. I went to bed moderately drunk and later woke up cold sweatting, dizzy and shaking. Could barely stand up and I felt terrible the whole next day.
Apparently the caffein starts to kick in when the alcohol starts to leave the body, so that resulted in caffein poisening. So never be extreme in mixing alcohol and caffein. You can actually die from it. Since then I’ve been extra sensitive to caffeine :slight_smile:


Ah yes i also have an Aeropress. My next choice when i want to make a “real” Coffee…


Haha yeah, that sounds less than fun!


It was, I promise you haha.


Hard to admit cos I’m a Lancastrian born and bred, but Yorkshire tea is the one for me. Coffee makes me feel queasy and gives a sudden bum rush!

2 bags. 1 mug. Good amount of brewing time, and a wet spoon dip of sugar to take the edge off.

2 of those in the morning as i’m making tracks on my laptop before the school run… then another 1 in a travel mug as im doing the school drop off and I’m all set… A nice gentle fizzle!



Milk or water first? Let’s test your Northern mettle


Coffee is not my thing but i can drink a lot of tea… as i live in paris area, the air pollution level is always very high over there and because that the allergy is my enemy. So some cups of tea in a day is law


Love the bean. Did french press, now exclusively pour over. It’s a nice ritual I refer to “Zen Before Zing”. :smile:


I’ve veen taking preworkout since the original Jack3d formula. My adrenal glands are definitely not the healthiest part of my body.

Regardless, the most coffee I can drink is 2 cups per day and it’s almost exclusively just one from V60, AeroPress or Chemex. Sometimes I’ll do a siphon or Bialetti moka pot.

I love caffeine, in my top 10 drugs for sure.


C’mon! water first innit!

Just off the boil. Needs to stand brewing for a good 3-4 minutes then eject the bags, then introduce milk… not too much… just acquire the correct shade! Too much milk and its start all over again.

Morning chemistry. Healthy.


One of my few addictions- but I drink more espresso these days on account of having a machine at home and stronger effects.


Thank the gods, New and old!

People that put the milk in first, are the worst.

Who wants to clog up the perforations???


Ha Ha. Nice one.:+1:

As for the milk - got to be semi-skimmed. Full fat and skimmed are deffo no-no’s - - total brew wreckers!
I’d rather go without.

Some people have a cuppa without milk. (?) thats a bit odd…


Boom- spot on with the milk.

I’ll have a black one if there’s nothing around, but it’s a case of one dip in the water and done.


Oh tea…i love tea! Here my favourite: