Class Compliant rocks

Apols for bumping this older thread but I just wanted to co-sign that Elektron’s implementation of class compliancy works great on my Macbook. The first audio interface I’ve been able to operate at 32 samples up to and over 60% CPU. My MOTU Ultralite mk3 can’t manage that.

It also synched with Ableton via MIDI clock as perfectly as my ears could discern.

The current Overbridge beta with my AK was not reliable, kept on dropping out and would require fiddling.

To get audio ins and have 5 pin DIN midi on a device would be great. If it’d have been as reliable on the Digitakt as the M:S I’d probably buy one of those as an interface.


Besides for obvious streaming of audio what else do you do to take advantage of class compliance of the model samples?