Class Compliant rocks

Anybody try recording through USB to Android? This would make me truly portable.

Not a direct answer to your question but this has worked with no problem at all on iOS - phone and tablet - so no reason to suppose it wouldn’t with Android.

Have not tried. But you’d probably need a OTG cable to make it work.

Had to test live-streaming yesterday. Made a very drone-like track, connected the MS to the phone and opened up YouTube and started streaming.

Just noisy but here it is:


Does the sound from your iPad/external source only pass through, or can you run it through M:S’s FX?

Pass through only. So I cannot route the iPad sounds through the MS effects.


Thanks for clarifying, was wondering about that

I though I should mention somewhere, this thread seems as good as any, that I see a lot of people wanting class compliant as a feature for devices…

Class compliant means that the device adheres to the most basic functionality built into the protocol so it can run on devices and not need drivers. Although it does make devices ready to use in many cases, it’s not necessarily ideal. Manufactures can get much better performance and enhanced functionality from writing their own custom drivers, this is how we get extreme low latency interfaces and advanced software like overbridge.

iOS does not allow drivers so devices must be class compliant. It would be much better if IOS allowed drivers than for devices to be class compliant.


True that and for a multi-channel sound card I would like that.
But in this case I rather have something quick to work with that will work for years rather until the next OS-update. (I shall not mention the time it took to get overbridge to the current state)

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All true, mate. But the reality of the matter is that just to plug it in and record the music is awesome. And most gear still don’t do that, no matter the reason.


What is the difference? You install custom driver, and than you plug in and record. If it performs better that way…


No difference, for the end user. Sounds great and makes total sense. In the long run.

But I think Overbridge has left its mark on Elektron dev, and they’re taking short cuts now if they can.

I guess, if that didn’t come across, that I agree with @Open_Mike but when users remain happy despite the solution, the business argument for doing this proper becomes more difficult. Window users get left behind right now, which is a crying shame, but apparently not a good enough reason to do to this proper. Yet.


Disagree that drivers would be better. With the rate that iOS updates, you’d have drivers that only worked for a few versions and then stopped, theoretically class compliant devices will keep working well into the future, and across anything that handles class compliancy (windows, ios, mac, linux, raspberry pi, whatever)


Something I think Elektron would agree with, considering the development cycle of Overbridge.

Please put the class compliancy into something, that has audio inputs as well!

Class compliancy update for Digitone would make me so happy, that I wouldn’t fit in my trousers anymore.

Some interfaces have a class compliant mode that can be toggled, including some of the more recent Steinberg UR series: on = basic class compliant functionality; off = allows for additional features, custom drivers, etc. I’d love it if the Analog Heat or other Elektron devices had a basic class compliant mode in addition to whatever other features are included.


I put that response here just because it was the closet thread I could find and didn’t want to start one, it’s not pertaining solely for model samples…

I guess my favorite would be if the entire specs of “class compliant” was raised in performance to accommodate higher performance/features, but that’s just me thinking out loud and sure probably will take a long time. I’m not a tech professional so don’t know all the details.

I was just saying that it would be nice to have higher performance than lower the performance to match something else, I agree class compliant is nice to not have drivers and be able to easily use, but also overbridge and my high end computer interface wouldn’t be able to function at the same level without them.

Just stuff to think about… I kinda just wanted to explain what it meant, not really trying to convince people which option is better which I did I guess at the end of that statement but that wasn’t the intention , just giving the info for folks to consider.


Would be great if it worked with PC though without having to pump it through ASIO4all

Interesting, didn’t think of the implications of it working as an audio output device for iOS as well. (Guess I should rtfm). So basically you could buy this as a slightly oversized headphone adapter for the latest iPad Pros that happens to also include a groovebox. Nice. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: