Class Compliant rocks


One thing that I feel is overlooked with the Model:Samples is that is class compliant audio.

In other words I can use it with my iPad or iPhone on the go to make fun tracks.

Made a quick video to show that off:


OB would have been nicer though


OB does not work on iOS.


You know, that was pretty cool though :slight_smile:


Was wondering if this would work!!


Not by me. :slightly_smiling_face:
Straight forward, class compliant usb audio is one of it bigger selling points. For portability, I just want to deal with one cable, tops.


I wonder how long it will take for someone in the community to develop an app that will let you send samples from an iOS to the device

I’m guessing 3 months?


Bluetooth midi and audio inputs would have made a lot of sense on this. For sequencing iOS and as a sound card for sampling in to iOS apps. One of the op-z’s main selling points for me is the wireless iOS jams…Still not enough reason for me to cop one though. If I was in market for anything battery/portable I’d save extra and go Deluge.


Have people reported latency with the op-z wireless midi?

Yeah obviously class compliant is good. Just in my case the omission of inputs kills most of the benefits. I’d still have to run the m:s through another interface, or keep switching cables, so I could also have inputs.


Can’t tell from the video.

Can the audio produced by the Model:Samples be routed within iOS? Does the audio produced by Model:Samples appear as two virtual inputs / mic, or is it inaccessible “DAW sound”?

Can you run it through an insert effect 100% wet? Or is only “send” possible?

If you want to record into AUM or AudioShare or whatever, how is that done?

Sounds like you’ve got something running through an effect but not sure how, and whether it’s send or insert.

Curiosity. :slight_smile:


I connect the MS to the iPad through a cable. Inside the iPad I use the AUX app that routes the sound of the MS through two different effect apps.

I also run the Samplr app that is synced to the MS through midi.

Then all sound is routed back to the MS and then through a cable to my iPhone using the Roland Go:Mixer.

But I could decide to record directly on the iPad, this loops is just cause I want to record straight to the iPhone.


Thanks for describing this. Do you mean AUM? (Not sure what AUX is)


AUM yes. Autocorrect fail :wink:


Does the class-compliant audio supports stereo only or all six channels?


AFAIR there was already an app for this, early on - but the developer dissapeared and it was never updated - it stopped working with one of DT’s OS upgrade


It’s stereo.

Would love the option for 6-channel :pray:


Thanks :point_up:


it’s only just started to click for me how powerful class compliant usb can be for portable use - the potential to plug straight into my phone and record a jam then upload straight to soundcloud/YouTube from wherever I’m sat is pretty damn cool.

Add the potential for mobile-based sample management (or even sampling via usb pls pls) and you’ve got some crazy laptop-free portable power.


It’s why I wish MI companies would make their own apps - Elektron, Novation, etc.