Cirklon V2

New Cirklon V2 has color screen and faster CPU. I’ve got about 2 months left on the waiting list, wondering if I can choose the new option. Thoughts?

Edit: Silly me, I thought I was two months away from getting a Cirklon. As it turns out, it’s January 2023 and I just placed my order. 46 month wait for me, if that helps anyone wondering how long it takes :joy:


Apparently they offer upgrade kit for V1 owners.
You should ask Barbara once she gets back at you. She will tell you if yours will be v2 or if you can wait a few months more…

Prepare the money, in the meantime :smile:


Been on the list for nearly a year now with no word, anyone know roughly how long it’s taking these days?

I think there has been a hiatus of 6 months around the moving… Last update I read was around 18 months iirc.

A Nerdseq, although totally different, might be a nice alternative if the wait is an issue.

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ive seen one on gumtree uk lately , was over £2k i think.

I’m on the list but I imagine mine will be ages still, with the delays they’ve had. Still not totally sure it’s the right thing for me, but, yeah. I’m happy making do with the Monomachine midi sequencer for now.


Just signed up for the waiting list!

Guess ill let y’all know my impressions/opinions/gripes etc in a year or two…

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Some people on the Sequentix forum seem to be approaching two years of waiting.


yeah someone over at MuffWiggler said he’s been on the list for over two years now.

I’m hardly using mine at the minute.


If the wait is really approaching two years they should update what their website says.

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I am on the waiting list since july 2017 and still waiting …

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Any reason for that?

The projects I’m currently working on, don’t lend themselves to it. It’s more real instruments recorded into DAW.


Fair enough! Just trying to figure out if this thing is worth waiting years over :slight_smile:

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I’d say it is, and it’s constantly improving.

Re: wait list - you pay when it’s your turn, so why not jump on to start the wait while you are deciding?

Feel free to ask some questions I’ll happily answer any I can :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in one, and on the list, but I’m not fully convinced that it will offer me personally much over using the OT for midi sequencing. there’s certainly more features there over the OT, but how often will I use them versus the cost/time learning the thing?

I definitely need to research it more. it seems that for me it would, if nothing else, greatly streamline the sequencing of a large setup.


I don’t regret waiting for it… I spend 18 months watching every video, forum topic and read the manual. By the time I got it, it was a breeze to work with.

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Being able to name MIDI CCs for each instrument is really handy/time saver over OT.

It was one of the reasons that got me interested in a Cirklon once I realised OT couldn’t do this.