Changing OT patterns simply with a MIDI footswitch (here Tech 21 MIDI Moose)

Hi All,

I would like to change Octatrack patterns while I am playing guitar and singing. In fact I cannot change them manually in the meantime.
Ex: I am playing guitar with pattern A01 in the background. Then I need to launch pattern A02 with my MIDI footswitch (Tech 21 MIDI Moose), then A03, and so on. I do not need anything more complicated.

I have read the manual p.43, its MIDI mapping & these topics below, but I am still trying to solve the issue after a couple of hours, due to my low-knowledge of MIDI.

For now, I just checked “Recv” in MIDI/Sync and entered “Channel 1” just below.
In “Channels” menu, I entered “AUTO Ch: 1”.
The Midi Moose is factory set at Channel 1.

Could you help me? I am definitely lost in the channels & Program Changes. :confused:
Thank you a lot for your help!