Change Patterns with external MIDI?

I would like to slave my OT to my DAW. Is it possible to change Patterns by PrgCh or something else ?
What I would like to do:
The DAW runs, at Bar 01 the OT plays Pattern A1 and ceeps playing till Bar 05, at Bar 05 it changes to Pattern B3 and so on.
How can I manage this ?

Thanx for help !


If you want to fix the pattern changes in time, and just have tempo sync between DAW and OT, then use clock sync and program your pattern progression in the OT’s Arranger.
Otherwise just send MIDI Program Change messages from DAW to OT.

Thanx !
I know the method with the arranger of the OT, but would like to change the patterns by prgch.
How does it work ? I don’t find anything in the manual…


GLOBAL > MIDI > SYNC menu of the OT.
Check the PROG CH RECEIVE setting.
Described on page 43 of the manual.

Thanx, but there I only find informations how to trigger Tracks/Notes by external Midi. There is no information how to change Patterns. Also in the Appendix C there is no information about it…

Maybe it’s not possible ?


Page 55 if you are looking at the PDF version of the manual.

Thanx, but page 55 on the PDF Manual is the same like page 43 on the printed manual.
It gives me no information about changing patterns by external devices.


Ok. I´m not sure what exactly you are after but as I remember it:

When transmitting PC# on the channel set in the OT to receive PC# on, it will change to the corresponding bank + pattern that the PC# recalls.

So Bank A pattern 1-16 corresponds to PC# messages 0-15. Since you have 16 banks (A-P as seen below the trig buttons) times 16 patterns, you´ll have access to 256 patterns. Since that is more than 128 PC# available normally (actually 0 - 127), the OT will need to send/receive bank select messages when using the remaining patterns that corresponds outside this range.

So i e, if you need to get your OT to select pattern 16 in bank P you´ll need to send an bank select message + PC#. Bank Select usually use CC#0 with a value to set which bank to use, and the PC# are always the same range sent (0-127).

Anything more clear now?

Thanx a lot.
Now I see more clear. But I realy don’t see anything about that in the manual. So, I’ll try to send the bank selcet PrgCh from the DAW.


Understand that. The manual assumes that the user has some certain basic knowledge regarding certain things (i e how basic MIDI is used etc). You´ll need to check the PC receive box, under MIDI in System Menu in your OT. So as long as you are transmitting the PC# message from your DAW on the channel set for the OT to receive such messages on, you should be fine.

I don´t remember if the pattern changes happens instantly upon a PC# received. Or if the sequencer will finish its run first before changing, but you will find that out. IIRC, Bank Select messages are only needed from your other device as soon you need to access any bank/pattern higher than 127.

If you are able to use an MIDI monitor software, I strongly recommend you to do that. A lot can be learned/verified regarding your OT when combining it with other devices (i e seeing that commands are sent etc).

Let us know how it goes, or if you have further questions…

Now I’ve got it !
Thanx a lot to you all. I have some basic knowledge about MIDI and this is why I was so confused because I didn’t get it work. Because I didn’t find anything in the Manual about changing patterns by PrgCh I thought maybe it doesn’t work. Now I found out my mistake: I sent the PrgCh on the Midi Chanel of the Autochanel but didnt activate resieve PrgCh. So it was all just my mistake.

Sorry for the stress and thanx a lot to all again !!



5 years later lol! I’m using Maschine in controller mode to record Program Change in Cubase. Works great but the “chain after” setting on Octa will only go as small as “2/16”. Would love to edit pattern changes right on “the one” of a measure but using Maschine’s pads to record pattern changes live is turning out to be pretty great. Thanks for putting me on the right path guys.

Could you elaborate ?

If I edit the program change automation in Cubase it takes “2 beats” to actually make the change to the new pattern. It would just be easier to draw the automation on the first beat of a measure rather than always needing to draw it in 2 beats earlier so the Octatrack can change patterns “on time”

When inputting live on Machine too, you need to press the pad a 2 beats earlier to change patterns. I just wish there was a “Live change pattern immediately while still ‘quantized’” mode