Chainer : Win/OSX Sample Chain Application


Chainer is a standalone cross-platform (Windows / OSX) application for the creation of Sample Chains.

Chainer if for anyone who wishes to create Sample Chains by combining multiple different audio files together.

The created Sample Chains can then be loaded to various hardware or software where the Start / End playback points can be manipulated.

Personally I use Chainer with my Akai MPC Live, Elektron Analog Rytm, Elektron Octatrack and E-Mu Sampler.


Chainer contains three modules:

  • Chainer: The core module where the Chains are built and modified.
  • Options: Dedicated module to control all options available and Support logs.
  • Audio Finder: Dedicated Audio Finder / browser with some nifty tricks.

Main Modules / Sub-Modules

  • Main Modules: Chainer and Options are displayed in the main window.
  • Sub Modules: Audio Finder is a sub-modules displayed as either a dock able side panel; or as pop-out

The Chainer Module

The Chainer Module contains 128 Slots.

Each Slot can contain either nothing, a Sample, or an Empty Sample ( aka 1 second of silence )

Each Slot can be set to be [ Active | Inactive ]. Only Active Slots will be built by the Chain.

Each Slot / Sample has the ability to set [ Start | Loop | End ] markers. When building the Chain can choose whether to use the Markers, or the full Samples.

Each Slot / Sample can be Reversed, Restored, Changed, Copied, Moved, Swapped, Deleted etc.

The Chain building is dynamic. When changes are made, the Chain is rebuilt and you can view directly via clicking on the master Chain pad.


  • Chainer uses a unique [ Chain ] file format which handles all Samples and Settings etc. Essentially an archive/backup. Can be saved, opened, imported, chains can be shared with other users etc.

  • Chains are fully cross-compatible with OctaEdit v2

  • Build Chains with control over the output:

    • Format [ Wav | Aif ]
    • Channels [ Stereo | Mono ]
    • Bit Rate [ 16 | 24 ]
    • Sample Rate [ 44100 | 48000 ]
  • Zoom scroll, set marker points etc. in the Sample Editor.

  • Build Chains using Markers or the full Sample.

  • Build Chains in either Sliced or Spaced mode:

    • Sliced: Chain is created where each Sample is merged back to back; regardless of sample size.
    • Spaced: Chain is created where each Sample is based on the length of the longest Sample.
  • Optionally generate an Octatrack Settings file, with control over [ Tempo | Gain | Loop Mode | Timestretch Mode | Trig Quantize ]

  • Optionally process the Chain whilst building.

  • Build Chain with process logic; restrict max number of samples etc.

  • Open a Chain file, fully restoring all Samples and Settings.

  • Open an Octatrack Chain / Settings file and convert to Chain.

  • Import Chain into existing Chain, allowing the ability to merge Chains on a Slot/Sample by Slot/Sample basis.

  • Import Octatrack Chain / Settings into an existing Chain, allowing the ability to merge Chains or a Slot/Sample by Slot/Sample basis.

  • Chainer Presets:

    • Elektron Octatrack using Octatrack Settings
    • Elektron Octatrack - Extended Mode :open_mouth:
    • Elektron Analog Rytm
    • Elektron Digitakt
    • And more…
  • Bulk Actions… State, Markers, Reverse, Restore, Empty, Delete, etc.

  • Modify Sample Start / Loop / End via samples or beats in either Tempo, Trim Length or Loop Length modes; featuring some clever locking logic.

  • Save Chain file. Self-contained including all Samples and Settings; therefore essentially an archive/backup. Share Chain files with other users etc.

  • Export Chain: Exports the Chain audio file; optionally with Octatrack Settings file.

  • View the Chainer Slots as either Pads (As shown), Rows or Matrix

  • Active Slots display red LED icon if used.

  • Some other stuff and things… maybe more to come… maybe…

Up to 128 samples can be added simultaneously to the Chain with just a couple of clicks.

Samples are added to the Chain via:

  • Drag/drop from the Audio Finder Module.
  • Use the [ Send to Chainer ] function in the Audio Finder Module.
  • Drag/drop from Finder (OSX) or Explorer (Windows)
  • Use the [ Add Samples ] function in the Chainer Module.

The Options Module

The Options module is a control all options available, end user settings, audio settings, support logs etc.

The Audio Finder Module

I’ll let the pretty picture do the talking for now…

What else?

More news soon… feel free to ask any questions etc.

Caveat: Subject to change(s)

Cost? TBD

When? Release date TBD. Depends on how many Release Candidates are required, which will depend on user feedback, any bugs, change requests, feature requests etc. Will be rolling out [ OSX | OSX Legacy | Windows ] in that order.


This looks great, I’m happy to help with OSX testing if you need it!

Megabreak? :loopy:

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Something completely different :loopy:


OctaEdit and Chainer : Important information

I have been asked this by a few cats, so just to clarify:

  • OctaEdit v2 contains a full version of Chainer built in as a module.

  • Chainer chains are completely cross-compatible between OctaEdit v2 and Chainer.

  • Functionally they are 99% the same. There are a couple of additional functions within OctaEdit that do not exist in Chainer (e.g. Save Chain to Octatrack Project Slot)



Have made some UI changes / structural changes; etc. Merged Options and Support together; and depreciated Analytics as wasn’t really being used.

I have updated first post with a couple of new screenshots.

More news soon…

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Added pretty picture of the Audio Finder module.

Will provide details later… in the meantime… “Every picture tells a story”


i just used the Chainer module for the first time that I can remember.

Damn that was smooth.

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Silky smooth?
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@Open_Mike :wink:


lol, that is the tiniest .gif i’ve ever seen!

it was smoother than silk.

smooth like moonbeams.


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I’m using two octaMKii’s and this would help immensely in speeding up some of my workflow, I use a combo of hardware and software for sound design…everything gets thrown into the octatracks, so as I’m sure you and octa users would know, the prep work can be tedious (rewarding but tedious lol!)…I think this is the year more kats get serious and get an octatrack…might just be me but I feel like the octrack community is growing :thinking:…so i thank you ahead of time for your hard work and developing these tools, it is greatly appreciated…cheers

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Looks interesting Available? Price?

Gets even better / more powerful as well.


I see some pixels moving… I think…

Chainer works with the Octatrack; but can be used to work with any type of sampler / sample playback device… Akai, E-Mu, MPC, Yamaha samplers, Elektron Analog Rytm / Digitak / MachineDrum, etc… anything where you can manipulate start/loop/end playback times / points basically.

Good question. Was due Q4. Chainer is currently in fully working Beta state.

Some stuff has happened, so I am going to take a step back and reevaluate my priorities / think about what I am doing with my life.


i should probably do one of these

I do it all the time. Life is not smooth, too much chains!

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What’s happened to this software?

A trimmed down / modified version of it exists within OctaEdit as the Chainer module.

Brcause the files / formats etc are completely transferrable between Chainer and OctaEdit; making changes will affect both programs; so am holding back the release of Chainer util after OctaEdit v2 release.

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