C6 SysEx Manager not getting Catalina 64-bit update

the files I saved with c6 I cant send to my Digitakt with Sysex librarian :frowning: anyone ???

I know that seems related to this topic, but it really is far from what the initial post was about.

Perhaps you could search through the forums for help with your Digitakt, or create a post with your specific issue/errors?

SysEx is SysEx; so provide a bit more info. Where is the error occurring? In SysEx Librarian; or an error message form the Digitakt?


Please don’t suggest derailing my topic further. Let @luis87 make a separate post.

This post is already starting to decay… adding unnecessary noise hoping for troubleshooting help regarding an alternate software is really unhelpful.

Fair enough @luche. If @luis87 needs support / help then I guess they should create a new topic.

OSX: SysEx Librarian is what I would recommend.

For a cross-platform OSX/Windows solution; let’s see what the future holds :slight_smile:


I have just seen the announcement for Transfer v1.2 in which it is stated

What about C6?
Any plans to release it in public domain so that other party can contribute and let it evolve?
I don’t know if the code contains any industrial secret…
But I still use C6 regularly, and I’m a bit afraid to see it disappear at some point :scream:

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There’s sysex librarian of course and tbh I imagine anyone could knock up a max standalone to drop a sysex into a usb destination and capture a dump etc too. But another neat thing to have as backup is a usb bootable version of Mojave, install some system admin apps and backup tools etc on a 32+GB drive and you have a get out of jail drive when you need it and some legacy support for Macs that play ball with it. Handy and quick enough.

I doubt it will go open source and I think it will also be possible to use older sysex C6 files with transfer, but it just won’t be supporting older legacy gear

There will always be MIDi options on any OS if you need them.

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In what way should it evolve?

My own need is just be able to keep running it on modern OS

There are workarounds, but if I have to boot a Virtual machine each time I need it it will become tedious.
Right now, C6 is the only reason I don’t upgrade my music Mac, tbh.

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I don’t think it necessarily needs to evolve… but maintenance updates would be hugely welcome.

That said, I can completely understand not wanting to put engineering time into legacy products (sad day for my Machinedrum, though… still nothing compares to it on the market, imo). I would absolutely love if it could be released as an open source project for the community to continue development. I do understand that this alone may be a challenge… but worth some time to invest for all of the users that depend on it.

Yes, I get there are alternatives like the open-source Sysex Librarian for Mac… but it’s not entirely tailored to Elektron kit in a way that C6 is, so I can understand community interest in wanting to keep this app alive with future OS releases. That said, if Elektron is dead set on sunsetting C6, and is not interested in sharing the source code… I think it makes a lot of sense to invest in 1-3 hours of time making for formal document around exactly what devices need to replace C6 functionality with alternative midi tools. Even a 1:1 doc for Sysex Librarian would be welcome here, so that anyone asking “how do i…” can simply be pointed to that information.

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What maintenance updates would be required?

I realize this ship has probably sailed, but it would be good gesture on Elektron’s part to take a developer or two to spend a day upgrading this app to 64 bit. Seems like a small effort to please loyal customers - C6 is archaic and clunky, but it works well and is more stable than other apps, including Transfer.

My two cents - having invested heavily in Elektron Kool Aid, I think I’ve paid for the right to rant. :slight_smile:

Any news?

There is no news to be had, elektron have stated they will not be updating C6.

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I mean, any news on the alternate solution? I just got catalina OS, and it is not so new, this operating system.

Elektron have recommended using sysex librarian as an alternative to C6 with the legacy machines. Transfer 1.2 was released a short while ago for current machines, and is supposed to get more added functionality

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since Mac OS Catalina, 32bit apps don’t work anymore and neither does C6. Transfer 1.2 is only sending Sysex data to my Rytm. How do you manage to backup a complete project or any other Sysex data? Is Sysex Librarian the only option for Mac?


Sysex Librarian will do pretty much any Sysex task you need, such as backup, restore, bulk load, etc. It’s quite a swiss army knife and has been around a long time (and thus reliable). Other than that, as you noticed Transfer is useful for sample management (although you might want to check out Elk-Herd which runs on Web-MIDI capable browsers and is quite a bit more full-featured - and free!).

I personally never found any added value to C6 and quickly switched from it to Sysex Librarian even when C6 was still fully supported.

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Hi guys, I need an advice from you experience
I am on MOJAVE OS and I would like to upgrade to CATALINE OS but there is not a C6 for Cataline and it will never be, what is the way out for that? Or should I just stick with Mojave longer?
Has anyone any experience upgrading your OS? Good and Bad experiences are welcome to make me decide whether it is worth it or not.

Thanks a lot

You have to use Transfer now :

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