C6 SysEx Manager not getting Catalina 64-bit update

Elektron have recommended using sysex librarian as an alternative to C6 with the legacy machines. Transfer 1.2 was released a short while ago for current machines, and is supposed to get more added functionality

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since Mac OS Catalina, 32bit apps don’t work anymore and neither does C6. Transfer 1.2 is only sending Sysex data to my Rytm. How do you manage to backup a complete project or any other Sysex data? Is Sysex Librarian the only option for Mac?


Sysex Librarian will do pretty much any Sysex task you need, such as backup, restore, bulk load, etc. It’s quite a swiss army knife and has been around a long time (and thus reliable). Other than that, as you noticed Transfer is useful for sample management (although you might want to check out Elk-Herd which runs on Web-MIDI capable browsers and is quite a bit more full-featured - and free!).

I personally never found any added value to C6 and quickly switched from it to Sysex Librarian even when C6 was still fully supported.

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Hi guys, I need an advice from you experience
I am on MOJAVE OS and I would like to upgrade to CATALINE OS but there is not a C6 for Cataline and it will never be, what is the way out for that? Or should I just stick with Mojave longer?
Has anyone any experience upgrading your OS? Good and Bad experiences are welcome to make me decide whether it is worth it or not.

Thanks a lot

You have to use Transfer now :

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As C6 no longer works on the latest Mac OS – Catalina, and I’ve had problems with Transfer freezing trying to connect with my DT Keys, I looked at the best known alternative, SysEx Librarian. I just successfully updated my Digitone Keys over USB to 1.30 using it. It’s a freeware program available at:


Here’s the procedure:

  • Install and open SysEx Librarian. Drag and drop the upgrade file (mine
    was titled "Digitone_and_Digitone_Keys_OS1.30.syx) into SysEx Librarian.

  • Turn on your Digitone - it will appear in SysExLibrarian’s drop down menu of midi devices.

  • On your Digitone, press the “General Settings” key and navigate down to to “System” and then “OS Upgrade” Press “Yes.” It will say “Waiting for SysEx.”

  • On your computer press the play key on SysEx Librarian. The update will slowly load onto your Digitone (it took 15+ minutes on my system). Task bars will appear on both the Digitone and SysEx Librarian. Once you start the transfer, prudence says don’t interrupt the process. Leave your computer and your Digitone alone.

  • When the transfer is complete, your Digitone Keys will automatically restart. You may then safely close down SysEx Librarian.

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I used the latest version of Elektron’s Transfer app to update my Digitone OS on Catalina 10.15.5. Works perfectly.

Sorry I was unclear. Perhaps it’s a peculiarity of my system (iMac Pro, 10 Core with too many midi devices), but neither C6 nor Transfer work for me. C6 won’t run and Transfer freezes. I successfully used Transfer for a previous update, but this time it repeatedly froze (even after a re-install) while trying to establish a connection to my DT Keys.

I use SysEx Librarian on non-Elektron equipment and it’s always been reliable, so I tried it and it worked without a problem. I’ll edit the original to make clear my problem with Transfer.

I agree, but we are just talking about a little bunch of lines of code, and expensive machines with a tangled communication system.
I have the same issue with Clavia and the sw needed to use the Nord modular G2.
from my side, this is not serious.
if Elektron/Clavia don’t want to spend a little effort to update the sw that make their instruments usable/unusable, they could give these little pieces of (from their point of view: obsolete) sw to the open-source community. On the contrary, this behavior only creates unnecessary complications and issues to their customers. IMHO

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Unlike the Nord modular software, C6, is not specific to elektron machines. Its simply a sysex transferring program. So while the Nord modular relies on specific software that is not the case for elektron machines that use C6. Fortunately, that means that another program can do the things c6 can and your legacy machines can still be updated/backed up. Sysex librarian is what seems the best alternative.

Ultimately, this is a post Catalina Apple user problem as C6 still runs fine on windows.

It woul be nice if they open sourced the software but as elektron haven’t really open sourced anything it is unlikely.

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I understand, but I was talking in general about the behaviour of some companies that could solve these issues at very low cost, but seems that they not have any interest in customer care and customers loyalty.
Another example is Genelec: I own a pair of 8320A SAM monitor controlled by the GLM kit (hw+sw). The whole SAM/GLM system is still in production. well, following what Genelec says to Catalina user, and the new macOS will be release this Fall.
I’m happy to know that Sysex librarian (thanks for the info) works fine with monomachine and machinedrum, but this is just a workaround, I think that this bad way of conduct the business is not limited to old products.
Sorry for this outpouring, but when I think to communities such Blender or Gimp, Libreoffice etc. that build great pieces of sw for free and always upgrade it to the last OS asap, I can’t understand why big companies don’t spend 2-3 man/days to recompile its programs. :slight_smile:

I get where your thoughts are at but it’s not really a workaround. Sysex is a general format that synths use for backup and what not. C6 is just one of a number of programs that handles sysex but with a few elektron touches, i.e. turbo midi. C6 is pretty good at what it does, and is also great for sysex transfer to non elektron synths. But there are other programs that do the same thing because sysex is a universally used format in synths. And while quite good C6 is almost unnecessary due to the availability of other programs that handle sysex

You’re right there are great free softwares out there that stay updated. But remember at a company someone has to be paid to do the updates which may not be in the budget or the original developer may not be around anymore are just a couple of the many reasons why a major update like the one needed for Catalina doesn’t happen. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong just things to consider.

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I work for an IT company, so I understand in deep what you say, but please, consider that Elektron have not new instruments such the Monomachine or the Machinedrum, so, if you like to use a SID you have to buy a Monomachine. obviously, I don’t pretend new OSs, no no, I’m not crazy, I’m just asking to Elektron to support their clients to still be able to enjoy their products without problems that, with a very very very little bit of effort in term of time/cost, could be avoided.
(we’re talking about a single little program that manage a standard and simple communication between 2 device, that have just to be recompiled under the 64bit architecture…)
This is called customer care. All customers, not just the last or future customers.
Genelec is totally ingiustificable, the SAM System is in its catalog, but it says to Catalina user to create a Windows VM or maintain a Mojave partition just to run the code that it doesn’t want to update. It simply ridiculous.
every time i think to this Fall, to the next macOS, I start to tremble… :smiley:
Thanks for the chat :slight_smile:

Sorry to bring this back up again. Does anyone here have experience transferring sound patches via SysEx Librarian -> Analog Four MKII? I’m on Catalina so this is the only option I know of, but it doesn’t work for me.

My A4 USB Config is set to USB Midi, and it seems to connect to SysEx Librarian properly, however after getting the flashing ‘waiting data’ on my A4 and then pressing Play to send the Sysex, it says it’s loading in through Librarian and then completes, but nothing happens on my A4. It just stays stuck at ‘waiting data’. Could anyone help me please?

Thank you!

Sorry all I’ve sorted it. I was trying to load the patches into +Drive Sound banks on the A4… but then I tried loading into Sound Pool and that has worked correctly now. Have a great week everyone, sorry to notify!

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Any Updates for the Catalina support?

I’ve try to use the SysEx Library. but I’m only able to load the sounds into the pool not the +drive?

It won’t happen - they are moving functionality towards the Transfer program over time for the current devices.

that doesn’t make sense

are you sure you are in USB Midi mode (not OB mode)

Then as the connection is clearly working it should be straightforward, sounds like you’re not doing the right thing

Go to Sysex Dump
Sysex Receive
select +Drive Sound
chose destination bank etc

then send

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SO - still no solution for OS updates for Octatrack?? Neither Sysex Librarian nor C6 works with High Sierra because of the 32 bit problem. Elektron Transfer also does not work for Octatrack… so we’re screwed lol? Anyone have a way around this? Just trying to update to the latest OS for my OT MKII

please help

Welcome to the forum!

There is no need for any software for use with Octatrack. You can transfer samples and firmware updates using USB Disk Mode or by putting the CF card in a card reader attached to your computer.

Just read the instructions in the manual for upgrading the OS.