C6 download nowhere to be found on Elektron site?

Been having problems loading some new sysex stuff to my A4 and went to see about a possible update of C6 and it’s nowhere to be found on Elektron’s site.

Maybe something to do with Overbridge? I dunno… Am I just looking in the wrong place?

They have changed the layout of the site slightly, so nothing is where it used to be…

I found it by going to synths, selected mine (A4) and from there to support and downloads. It’s under downloads.


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Here’s the direct download link that you will find on Elektron.se -

Start on their hompage, click SUPPORT at the top right, in the center choose “Analog Four”, then scroll down until you locate the Downloads tab. Click that to unfold and display the C6.


Ah cool. Thanks guys! I was looking for it as it’s own product and it doesn’t have a page. Also their search function is totally borked at the moment, returning a error page.

Thanks guys, i’ve been looking for C6 all damn day! The search engine IS busted (at least for “C6” searches)!

Heres an UPDATED direct link to C6 for anyone having trouble finding… C6 Sysex Download


Since this shows up at the top of google searches, I want to make sure it’s available hopefully forever. This software is great and just gets the job done. I put it on the Internet Archive. in case it disappears from the above link (again).