C6 Sysex window not displaying

MacOS 10.12.6

The utility installed fine and launches. The menu is created. But the window does not display. Can’t select the .sys file to update.

Is there another sysex util that works in its stead?


Give this a try.

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old faithful … https://www.snoize.com/SysExLibrarian/



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Same. Opened a ticket with support today. Weird. Of course, the last time the app was updated was April 2014. :confused:

Had the same problem … C6 not displaying once I opened it. It used to.

Anyway, thank you @avantronica
My RYTM is being uploaded to the newest OS thanks to your nod towards the old faithful from Snoize. Can’t wait to try out the newest OS tonight!


Where can I download the C6 thanks!

Hey guys,
just wanted to share this with you since I had the problem of c6 running but the window would not show up when running the app on macOS mojave.
I tried around strange things and now I found a strange solution hahaha:
Open C6. The window won’t show up. Open Safari then, turn safari to full screen mode and then go back to the left desktop and C6 window is there.
Maybe this can help some of you.

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Hahaha I’ve been using sysex librarian since I opened that ticket with support in 2017. All Elektron could tell me was “it works here so must be you”

What’s the difference between C6 librarian and the elektron sysex?

Elektron C6
Developed by Elektron.
Works on Windows.
Works on Mac 10.6 to 10.14; does NOT work on 10.15.
Some optimisation for Machinedrum and Monomachine.

SysEx Librarian
Developed by snoize (an Apple employee!); open source.
Does not work on Windows.
Works on Mac 10.9 to 10.15.
General purpose for all MIDI gear.

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Crazy fix, but works! :)) Thanks!