Broken button< help>

Hi, new to here but ive had my octatrack for a while. I love what this machine can do, but i dont think the build quality is that great as ive had to replace a couple of things on it already!!!. The latest thing to go is the down button, its kind of popped up and no longer works. Anyway just wondering if anyone has had to replace one of these?? is it a simple task?? where did you get a replacement button from?? any help would be much appreciated! thanks

just informed Elektron that I have a arrow trigger problem, made a video for them …

now i await instructions how to send it to them, still under warranty I think … thomann germany

it shouldn’t hopefully take long for such a thing but it’s always bad when it happens…it’s not nice to part from your machine :expressionless:

I have the issue of trigger button 12. Somehow when holding for beat repeat it has some sort of loose contact and the repeat jumps back on default setting even if i press higher division. I thing one day it will have to go back to elektron headquarters. But i still respect everything what elektron did with octatrack. I don’t want to throw bad light on elektron. I love everything they do.
Its a machine. Machines break. :wink:

I once soldered five new buttons into my monomachine, four got fixed one didn’t. So I ordered a new mainboard and a protective cover.

So now there seem to be two kinds of buttons.


my scene A button broke a while ago now I’m out of warranty and looking to fix it myself, anyone had any success?

Fixed mine.
Does your button sit higher than the rest?

yes! it just sort of popped up when i was using it!! prob due to scrolling down thro loads of samples! not sure if its broken and needs replaced , or has just come loose!!

YES!! its really loose as well!! was it hard to fix??

Just wrote lengthy reply. Then deleted it by mistake.
If you are confident with this sort of thing, it is quite easy fix.
If you are still under warranty send it in.

The ballbearing sits on the contacts. The spring pushes the ball down. It matters which way round the switch is aligned. I used a tiny bit of superglue to keep the spring inside the plunger (tiny amount) - try it without the glue for a bit, it will annoy you, then you will know what to do and why. When you realise what you need to do and you are comfortable with it, a tiny bit of superglue will seal the grey casing back up again.


thanks for that!! doesnt sound too complicated, will give it a bash tomorrow!! :slight_smile:

got it fixed!!! thanks for your help!!

Just for the record, my Function button is broken. The failure mode is that it is defaulting to being pressed. You can imagine what kind of problem this can cause.

I contacted Elektron and they suggest to send it to the west coast to a repair center. They used to have an eastern repair tech. I guess no longer :disappointed:.

argh. this just happened to me. the night before a gig. gonna try the superglue option. everyone please send me some good vibes.

Just take your time and fully understand why you need to do what you need to do.


I thought my function button was intermittent , quick blast of air and I think it’s ok.
Trig 11 is a little sticky , will look at it tomorrow.
My octatrack hasn’t been used properly for a long time which I think is the main cause.

For anyone else’s reference, here’s a picture. The superglue seems to have worked for now. Hopefully it holds up.

Thanks for the tip about the polarity, I was sable to hold the casing down by hand with the power on to check which was was correct. it doesn’t take much for the alignment to make the button stick to the side of the front panel, so make sure that’s lined up properly. The spring will want to push the button up and pull the casing apart, so make sure you have a large enough clip on hand, or something heavyish you can place on top of the button afterwards.

Also didn’t realise that the control board was mounted to the panel, so didn’t need to take off all the knobs. Though it was strangely pleasing to clear those circles of dust that had built up over the years.

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:smile: Never skips leg day.

Also they look shorter in real life. Isn’t that always the way with pictures?

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