Oktatrack buttons not working

Hi there, new user who has just got hold of an Oktatrack MK1 and has been having fun learning the workflow, however it is an old unit and has lain dormant out of its box for 4-5 years and some of the buttons require repeated pressing before they change state, I am guessing it is dust inside and i was hoping some continued use might ease the problem but it doesnt seem to be improving, any ideas as to what I could do? I am happy to take it apart and clean it if this is going to sort it, thanks for an awesome forum …

You can find more links here (but it is a little of a pain to search in this post):


Some of mine are slowly starting to do this, like the play button.
I haven’t tried opening mine and cleaning them yet.
If cleaning it does not help, I would put in a support ticket asking to buy the necessary buttons from electron and replacing them.

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Thank you for the help :slight_smile:


So it turns out that after a week of use, lots of frustrating button pushing and knob twiddling and having to press certain buttons many times before they would respond the problem has almost gone, just one of the track buttons sticking occasionally now. i didn’t open it up to clean, it just needed to be used regularly like a classic car!

Thanks for comments and links though



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