Bought a Nintendo Switch


However, if you tried looking at the sun for real for real you wouldn’t need video games any more!



Overhyped Speculation

What I missed most of all was a story of substance in BOTW. “Ganon” had not a single word spoken throughout the game. Just a blob of Malice. I predict we’re about to get the origin story of what happened 10000 years ago; that we’re looking at the mummified corpse of the character (Ganondorf) responsible for setting loose Calamity Ganon on Hyrule. By the trailer, def a Gerudo and some things about the body point to Sheikah Monks. Maybe a Monk gone bad? Maybe learned the ways of the monks then took their power? This could go so many ways. They could really do a good story here. Pumped.

Is Witcher 3 worthwhile?


Witcher 3 is the best game I have ever played.


Well your desert island choices were great so Ill go ahead and take that as from a trusted source.


That sounds like a perfectly valid theory, though a little depressing as a concept. Because there’s no real resolution in the game- that’s the one hole in the theory.

Though, that might be my bias because I generally don’t care for the concept of prequels. Also, they said “sequel” and not “prequel”- though that could just be marketing and not trying to reveal too much of their hand


No. Sorry. I meant not the game itself is the origin story, just that the holes will be filled in and the antagonist will be that character from 10k years ago.


I think the BotW sequel is going to be an OT2 :smiley:


Zelda: Octatrack edition?



I would take a gold OT.


The game takes place OverBridge(s)


I’ve got this crazy image of Link jamming on an Octatrack rather than an ocarina now haha


Witcher 3 is a bit like the OT. Takes a while to get used to, but once it clicks it’s endless hours of joy.


Song of Scenes


Gotta ask; you don’t have to answer: how are women depicted in it?


There is the whole range from innocent young fool to dedicated leader of a nation.
Some are depicted naked also.


Uh huh. K. Thanks.


I bought one last weekend. Damnit. Dumped untold hours into BOTW. Ape Out is absurdly entertaining. I’m teetering on returning it, but might hold out… on the fence about putting the money toward other shenanigans. First World Problems™


What? Like musiccharity ? Pffftt


My husband agrees. He has played the ever living crap out of that game. He loves it. Raves about the storytelling and world building.

I’ve wanted to play it too but I don’t have the time and I think it’s a bit too rough for me… :confused:


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