Bought a Nintendo Switch


That’s exactly what happened to me over Christmas. First time in about 20 years I became obsessed with finishing a game to the point I was practically studying the damn thing in my spare time to learnt tactics and tips. Worth every minute of it though :rofl:


Get cuphead to smush your fingers too. Also i’d recommend to get a pro controller as joycons suck when playing precise controlled games like cuphead and ssbm


#excitednotexcited :slight_smile:


“What do you think about kids?” she asks.
“Kids…? They’re not very smart. Or good at much.”
“I’m saying if you and I have some. A couple little idiots.”


Hey no spoilers!


That´s just one possible answer…there are three more options…


Final Fantasy 8 is being remastered for Nintendo Switch! Hooray!


And a new current zelda coming! Looks daaarrrkk. The Majoras Mask of the Switch?

Ive never played any FF. Would that be a good one?


No don’t play that one. It’s the most controversial. I hear it has some shoehorned love story and it’s just meh.

If you’re going to play one FF to start with, make it IX (I just started playing this myself, it’s very good) VI (best of the 2D ones) or VII…But VII is getting that really badass-looking remake soon, so you may just want to hold off until that comes out.

IX is a bit more fun and child-like, whereas VII is more “adult” and “serious.” It’s like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings kind of…But I’m enjoying all of the characters in IX so far. The story is only somewhat compelling so far (five hours in) and the combat is pretty by the books, but I hear that some really heart wrenching moments happen and there’s a lot of development.


Collection of Mana was announced or released?! I didn’t let myself look. :frowning:


Which one is 8? Japanese 8 or Western number…?


Western 8, the one after Cloud and Tifa.

Number 6 (Japanese 3 or vice versa) was the best one!
Kefka for President!


Coolcool i can wait.


It’s in the store now I think


Agreed. What a game.

Who waited for Shadow?! :smiley:

THAT 8?! The Gunlance one? Did anyone even play that one…?


This is true, but I liked it all the same. Time compression, also the game was very interactive comparing other turn based combat.

Also the shoehorned love story wasn’t as bad as X :man_shrugging:t2:


Japanese and western 8 are the same. They made them all the same starting with 7. But before then each western one was “doubled” sorta. 1 was 1. 2 was 4. 3 was 6. But now everyone just calls them by JP names so all the re-releases of 6 (SNES 3) are all called 6.


FFIII4EVA is a complete sentence.


BotW is getting a sequel!


This thread is like looking at the sun.