Bought a Nintendo Switch


God’s work.


It is a time killer. I think I’ve put 200+ hours into it :grimacing:
It was a winter well spent though.


I’ve received the Nintendo newsletter and Disgaea 1 is on offer, do not buy it, it’s overly addictive.
I spent 250+ hours on it on PSP, I just can’t start again.


I like the way women are depicted in the game. Its rather feminist, with macho medieval men clearly shown as stupid, and witches are powerful and influent. The hero is totally respectful, as far as I remember.
The game and the world, at least the first opus, is not as black and white as my words could let believe though.


For what it’s worth my recollection is that my husband thought the same about the depiction of women in the game.


Did a little research and it seems less terrible than others so that’s promising (it doesn’t seem outright feminist though )

In the critical articles they couldn’t help but heap praise on the overall game at the same time. :joy:


Maybe feminist is a big word indeed, but sexism and racism are depicted in a very mature and unusual way, at least for my little gaming culture.


Right. Ive read its different in many ways than others like it. So thats cool.


That’s what I’ve been trying to bring across in my previous comment, but maybe my joke about the depiction of nudity in the game was a little distracting. What makes the Witcher 3 stand out is that most characters (both men and women) are depicted as flawed human beings (or elves or dwarves), which makes their stories and interactions you have with them in the game very relatable and touching.


I hear you. I thought the joke was good in that you were pointing out how it’s still flawed.

Well I am not completely repulsed by anything Ive learned about it so I’ll for sure check it out. Looking forward to it.

Ive never played any of the non-nintendo “classic” open world games for obvious reasons. Im excited to finally get to be able to.


How many people have visited the Brothel in the Witcher 3 out of curiosity?


Just got :

  • lovers in a dangerous spacetime
  • assault android cactus
  • overcooked 2…

Time for some frenzy coop madness chaos !


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is SSSSSOOOOOOO FUN!!! It’s best if you have more than one player, but it still does ok single player. My daughters and I play it together sometimes.


Just made it thru the first two levels last night with my wife ! Good fun ! Can’t wait to try it with 4P…

Reminds me a lot of a board game whe love : Space Alert


Just started Hollow Night because it was on sale. It takes a few hours to get going, but damn, it really does get going… Right about now I’m looking for a Nailsmith, about to take on the Mantis Lords. Love the art style…


Might need to check this out. Love a good metroidvsnia


Its a phenomenal game. And so much of it. Enjoy. Wish I were starting it again.

The sequel is said to take the whole thing up to 11.


I have it, but have only played it a little bit because I was too busy with other, similar games (Dead Cells, Sundered, Axiom Verge, etc.) I’m looking forward to playing through it one of these days. It really does have a cool style of its own.

Another one that doesn’t get mentioned too often is Chasm. Some people didn’t get into it, as it also takes a little bit for things to get moving properly, but I found myself glued to it until the end. It’s a Castletroid style game, but it looks and feels somewhat Amiga-y.


I’ve been obsessed with Slay the Spire… it’s so fun!!! I haven’t lived near my friends who play Magic for a while now, and this really scratches the itch.


internal monologue, “sale? hmmm.” looks up sale, spends 70 bucks

thaaaaaaaaaaaanks, @handed :upside_down_face: