Bought a Nintendo Switch


…and now my life is over! I’ve suddenly rediscovered how fun gaming can be.

Anyone else into the ol’ handheld? What games should I play? I’ve been jamming ‘Baba is You’ and my brain’s a smushy mess.


So so many. Theres a thread around here somewhere with a lot of suggestions

Top of the pops:

Breath of the Wild
Hollow Knight
Dead Cells
Hyper Light Drifter


Inside is a master piece, also play Limbo

Mario Odyssey is surprising how much fun it actually is.

LA Noire is a super great game, it’s got some meat and is really compelling I plan to rebuy it on the Switch.

Edit: also “Black the Fall” was a super great puzzle game


Oh! I’ve heard of Baba is You! I’ll have to give that game a play!


After 35 yrears of being into gameing…i sold Last year everything. And now dedicate my spare time to music making only.

Check Out Zelda. Always great.


Ha, I’ve really been into my Switch too (that I initially bought for my daughter). I’m loving Mortal Kombat 11.


Baba is You was very, very fun until it got very, very difficult. When I was consistently getting stuck on every level and not making any progress, I just decided the game wasn’t for me. I’ve never been much for puzzle games either (same thing happened with The Witness).

I have patience for games like Dark Souls, Sekiro, Monster Hunter, Super Meat Boy, etc…But when it comes to pure brain power like puzzle games, my patience is thin. Still, that game’s core concept is fascinating.

I just bought FFIX for the Switch cause I’ve been craving some kind of adventure game, and I never played that one at all. I’ll get some time to play it next week probably…

Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild are two of the best entries in the franchise. Wrt BotW, it could be THE best entry in the franchise. Nintendo does not disappoint on its IPs.

…Now having said that, when can I expect that new Metroid Prime that started development over from scratch? :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried BotW for a little bit but it wasn’t puzzley enough for me like I remembered OoT and MM being. I think Mario Odyssey might have warmed me up to what BotW is offering as a game


The shrines are puzzle-y, just not like those other games. It has four “dungeons” and those are the only things similar to the dungeons/temples in OoT and MM. They’re really their own thing, though…

But yeah the focus is definitely more on exploring and child-like wonder. You have to approach the game on its own terms. Everything interacts with everything and if you see something that looks interesting (even just an out of place rock) it probably is interesting.


The entire dynamic changed when after beating it I went looking for shrines; just aimlessly wandering. Its brillance is in how you exist in its world. Just being there in the expanse. This goes double for korok seeds. Any little thing can be what you’re looking for.

I was furious that there wasn’t much story. I love Zelda lore. But I realized that was by design. It helped me see it for how great it is.

Wasnt into Odyssey.

Celeste is also a must.


Yeah loving the switch for this very reason–make gaming fun again!

My little one loves it, and Mario kart has an auto steer function which makes playing together lots of fun.

Hit me up for a game - username: Viper


Odd. I liked Odyssey much more than I was expecting to.

It just was good honest-to-goodness fun to me


I bought 2 switch recently, one is for Mario kart online, the other was a 2nd hand unit loaded with games - great value.


It was, no question. I just thought it was a little lite on variations of game mechanics. Like in Galaxy there was always new crazy moves to work out. It was pretty straightforward imo in odyssey.


Really? I thought the inclusion of the hat made it possible to do some crazy shit. There are a lot of little tiny extra moves that were introduced that, when combined together, make for some wild stuff.

I mean look at this. That is not easy to pull off lol


I mean it was fine.

I think it was Galaxies liberal use of gravity that has ruined me.

Anyway totally imo.


Corr, some great suggestions there, peeps! I’ve been playing Mario Kart a lot since I got the thing; love it.

Has anyone played ‘Darkwood’? It looks pretty good; a bit spooky, a bit puzzly.


I got rid of my last console, a GameCube, in 2004 when I started college, to focus on music, but last fall bought a Switch shortly after finishing my latest album, and have also been rediscovering the joys of videogames.

At first I didn’t feel so great about the time I was spending playing games rather than making music, but it helped me through some depression and now I’ve reached a good balance where I’m more interested in music again.

Somehow I have been even more productive since getting the Switch… I spend less time making music but when I do I’m happier with the results. Now I have about three times as many tracks than I’d usually have this time after finishing an album. I’m still not sure how this is but I’m okay with it.

Games… I second recommendations for BOTW, Dead Cells, Hyper Light Drifter, Inside, and Celeste.

In addition to those above I have really enjoyed:

  • Katana Zero (one of my favorite games I’ve ever played)
  • Okami (scratches the Zelda itch in ways BOTW does not)
  • GRIS (one of the few games my gf has enjoyed watching me play because it’s so beautiful, and maybe the only game to ever make me bawl my eyes out)
  • Civilization VI (loved Civ IV on PC before I gave up gaming… this was a reason I bought a Switch)
  • Mario vs Rabbids Battle Kingdom (bought the Gold edition on sale after being on the fence and was very pleasantly surprised)
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll (never got to play these before but they’re a blast and the soundtrack is fantastic)
  • Donut County (like Katamari Damacy, but with a hole in the ground rather than a ball… only a two hour experience but was worth it for me)
  • Unravel 2 (my favorite co-op game I’ve played with my partner)
  • Cuphead (hardest game I’ve ever played but the hand drawn art is beautiful)
  • Skyrim (an old one but I was happy to get to play it for the first time)
  • Guacamelee (nice combination of platforming and combat with colorful graphics and a good sense of humor)
  • Grim Fandango (one of my favorite games I played on PC many years ago… the gameplay can be obtuse, but the story is worth it)
  • South Park: Stick of Truth (loved South Park since season 1 and this is like a season where the kids are playing pretend Skyrim)
  • Golf Story (I don’t care much for golf but this game was an absolute delight)

So yeah, I think I went pretty deep down the gaming rabbit hole last fall/winter… There are other games I enjoy and didn’t list (Mario Kart and Smash are no brainers for me), but those I listed have all stood out to me in one way or another. I got nearly all of them on sale, so keep an eye out on the eShop.

After the many hours I spent playing videogames last fall and winter I am very happy I’m still interested in music… thankfully nothing comes close to the satisfaction I get from making music, and now I have something else to enjoy when I need to take a break. I now no longer worry about diverting my time away from music… balance comes back eventually, and music will always be there for me.

Have fun exploring!.. and if you mostly play handheld I highly recommend looking into the Satisfye grip.


Dead Cells, might have been born on pc, but feels so good on the Switch.


Dead Cells just released a free DLC.

Plus made the game significantly easier. Which kind of upset me because I had been getting nowhere with HOK but after the DLC completely wasted it.