Bought a Nintendo Switch

Yes, it plays great that way. It’s even not too bad single player. I will say though, that the more humans the better.

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I’ll just leave this here

Nintendo Switch Lite


I wonder if TV play is completely locked out. they say so but I know there are ways to hook a switch up to a TV via a USB c cable.

These look great though


I don’t think the later models of Switch allow running video out thru usb-c unless there’s some new weird hack available.

I’d stay away from the Lite if the quality of the controllers is as bad as in the original Switch. With the basic model you can at least buy new joy cons when the thumb sticks start to drift and eventually break, but the Lite becomes unusable when that happens.


A colleague also pointed out to me that the Lite is only $50-60 less than a full Switch on sale (which apparently happens all the time). I find the pricing a bit strange as a result.

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Love that game, had to give it up as to play at the level I wanted to play at, took too much commitment. I can’t even dabble my toes in it for fear of being sucked back in.

Kind of a weird concept, I don’t know a ton about the switch, but I thought it was already a portable unit…?

Maybe I was confused by the marketing.

(I don’t actually own a switch, I like to stay a generation or two behind the consoles, so I could be way off here)

I second the sentiment about Baba is you. I love it. It’s such a simple idea and yet such a challenge at times. Plus I love the fact that it’s reduced to the max. No shiny graphics to detract from shallow gameplay. It’s currently on sale at the Nintendo eStore (30% off).


It is portable but the Lite is sturdier, slimmer and lighter. It also has a far superior d-pad set up. However, from what I’ve read, the battery life is poorer which is a little bizarre - had Nintendo managed to eke out, say, 6+ hours battery life on this thing then it starts to make much more sense.

I think the Lite has killed off my hopes for a Pro version though. Will be interesting to see Nintendo’s next move. With next generation Sony/Mirosoft efforts arriving in 2020 do they keep riding the crest of the wave with Switch for another 2 years or so? Or do they go down the “pro” route and get something to market in 2020?

Membrane, last I checked, was on sale for a dime.

It’s worth a dime. Cool style and music

I just bought Observer after loving Layers of Fear(same developers)

I never thought I would like horror or walking simulators, but LoF was a pretty fun and trippy experience, and Observer is slightly more puzzley and it’s SO compelling!

Buy the first on sale, the second I have no regrets thus far about paying the 30 for it

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They’re not out yet, but rumor is they’ll go live when it hits midnight, September 6th in UK, which is 50 minutes from now.

Can’t wait to replay Super Metroid for the, oh…10th time? haha or ALttP for the 10th time too


Mario kart is on the list as well :partying_face:

Been playing Astral Chain all day, bought this morning. SO AWESOME!


You can play it online!

Apparently any game can be played online with someone. Even if it’s a single player game, you can “take turns” haha

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I wanna play this but don’t have the dough right now. Big P* fan…Bayonetta 3 is a big reason I bought the Switch.

Yeah I’ve been pretending that I wasn’t going to buy it because of the huge backlog but this morning when I woke up I drove straight to the store :joy:

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I’ve been dying to play SMW for a while

The list looks really good! Big ones it’s missing are Donkey Kong Country games, Super Mario RPG (c’mon Square), Earthbound, Super Castlevania IV…

Maybe some random games like Super Star Wars games, Aladdin, whatever.

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That’s one I’ve always wanted to play. I remember watching a friend play that and one of the boss battles was a cake.

hopefully some day

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