Bought a Nintendo Switch


Got it on sale 40% off. Thanks!


Would Crawl work well with only two players?


Anyone playing rocket league?


Love this game a nice change from the hyper-realistic game graphics in most game today. It has that “analog” vibe LOL :joy:


Yes! I don’t own it, really fun and frustrating as I suck at it.:grin:


Haha I keep seeing it on the sale and think it seems the perfect portable game.


“When I was a little kid, my mother told me not to stare into the sun . So once when I was six, I did.”

(just a quote from one of the best movies ever. kudos if you recognized it ^^)


PI ! Awesome movie


Bought a switch beginning of last week along with BOTW… had been wanting to play that for 2 years so it was a no-brainer, I´ve been into Zelda games since the SNES days basically.
obviously wanted to get that game played before the new one(s) come out :slight_smile:

other than that, I bought WARGROOVE and I´m loving that - throwback to AdvanceWars on the GBA, which I used to play the hell out of…

I saw somebody mention The Gardens Between, might pick that up next to play it, seemed interesting!


what´s your verdict on Korg Gadget for the Switch?

I have heard it is severely limited compared to iPad etc. versions, and that it doesn´t really work in many ways with the Switch’s touchscreen, i.e. has to be controlled with the joycons for almost everything?

not sure if I want to “waste” 40 bucks on a pseudo-DAW that is worse than on the other available platforms… but I sure would like a music tool on the Switch (as opposed to music TOY)


I bought Rocket League on Steam the day it came out, and since then have put maybe 600 hours into it, so much fun. No other game has come anywhere near that playtime for me - there’s just something about it, a drive to keep improving, and the five minute match format is perfect. When you can start executing aerial manoeuvres and actually get the ball where you want it to go, it feels great, because it takes a lot of practice to get there. The perfect game to play with friends. I started off playing split screen seasons against bots with a buddy in couch coop. Great way to get the basics down. Then online, there are enough players that you’ll usually be matched with appropriate level opponents. There’s a learning curve but it’s well worth it. The stuff pro players can do is amazing - there’s an infinite skill ceiling, it’s always possible to improve. As soon as I got a Switch I bought it again straight away. Can’t go wrong with Rocket League.


Cool! I had it on the ps4 as one of the psn plus free games, but I didn’t have the time to check it out and then needed space so deleted it. I’m getting it tonight for switch then!


Awesome, hope you have fun with it


Still playing rocketleague on ps4 with my friends. One of the best games of this generation for me. Feels more like real football than pro evo or fifa, its all about teamplay and physics.
Bought it on switch but I dont have online subscription. Anyone wants to play on ps4, pm me.
Anybody having fun with Bloodstained? Waiting for the switch release, heard the reviews were good! :sweat_smile:


Depending where you are you could get a Twitch account and get 12 months of online Nintendo for free. Having Amazon Prime gave me Twitch access. Not sure if it’s a global thing but Def available in UK.

Worth it for Tetris alone!


I’ve started playing Hollow Knight and I’m somehow disappointed with it, after all the praises I was expected something a bit more, I don’t know…
It looks really good, but the silence when you get hit really annoys me and since the first fight with hornet, where the audio cues didn’t match the same type of attack every time, I’ve been playing it on mute.

Maybe I was spoiled by Dead Cells and I was expecting a faster, plainer Metroidvania experience.


Im in the netherlands, not sure something like that is available here, thanks for the tip.


I had the same experience with it, found it quickly becoming boring and still havent finished it. But the looks and the polish make it still a great metroidvania experience.
Same for Severed which became stale after a while for me. Maybe ive grown a metroidvania fatigue over the years with all these games.
Better get back to making music. (and posting in music threads, not gaming threads on elektronauts lol) :laughing:


Korg Gadget on the Switch is fun, but if you have it on the iPad, it’s not worth the additional purchase. I don’t use it nearly as often on the Switch as I do on the iPad. I thought its game mode would be fun, but no one I can find wants to play it with me (it pits you against others to do composition in short periods of time). It’s cute and fun, but definitely not as nice as having it on the tablet.


I don´t have an iPad, so I might still look into it - thanks a lot for that evaluation! :slight_smile: