Bought a Nintendo Switch


Hollow Knight was by far the best 15$ I’ve ever spent on a game… ever! I spent about 15 hours in it. Kiddo spent about 75 and once you finish there is still hours and hours of gameplay left to increase your completion rate and do different quests and stuff. Plus the graphics are amazing. This is the difference in an Indie game vs a churned out corp game. The big names might have amazing engines and maybe even some amazing gameplay but you can really feel the love Team Cherry put into Hollow Knight.

I’m totally gushing here on this but it really was an experience for my and my kiddo that will last a lifetime. Looking forward to Silk Song later this year.


Big thumbs up for Crawl. A lot of fun and a great 16 bit vibe to it too.


BOTW was great but it was Celeste and Hollow Knight that made me go, “Ah. That’s what gaming is about. I remember now.”


True, Inside is definitely a more rewarding experience- which really speaks to the growing quality of that game studio, it’ll be a great day when they eventually release their next game.

Also, some of the sections of Limbo really make the game still worth playing even though Inside was arguably better. That final part where the room in constantly rotating leading to the end is just a magical experience


I’m definitely enjoying Limbo as well… haven’t got too far into it but it has a lot of the same charm Inside has. I’m really looking forward to whatever the developers have in store next.


I played Limbo on the old Xbox years ago and loved it. So I was super glad to see Inside on the Switch once I got the console.


It took me a while to be able to buy a Switch- but they had a trial of the game on iOS.

I tried it so I could use the cheap method of playing the game- but it was very painful trying to play using only a touchscreen. Very happy I got the Switch


I mentioned this in my list way back, but this:

Now that I’ve gotten a chance to play it more, I like it more and more. It’s right up there with the Turrican games that inspired it. I highly recommend it, and it doesn’t cost too much.


I originally lined up on launch day to grab a Switch and a copy of Zelda I was that pumped. Played botw for months. I remember initially becoming bored though, as others mentioned the repetitive nature of the Shrines and enemies in the world. The pop up night skeletons and things really kinda bug me - often ruin a kindve exploratory mood or adventure u might be on. And at the time there really weren’t many other games, I’d rinsed Zelda well so I sold the Switch along with botw.

Fast forward to this year and my nephew whom we’d bought a SNES mini for had been saving up all his cash to get a DS, but actually picked up a Switch last minute. It’s cool he’d been really digging Link to the Past on the mini, always calling me up asking me for tips on where to go and stuff :slight_smile: So I knew I had to get him Botw - I picked him up the official guidebook and the game and sent it as a gift. He’s stoked, but as a result I kinda got pumped about it all again and rebought a Switch and Zelda again.

So now I’m doing a 2nd play through. It’s so enjoyable. I guess 2nd time around there’s less trying to complete the mainline story and more just enjoying the world. And I’m able to follow along with my nephew. Funnily enough he’s actually outstripped me and beat Ganon and everything, now he’s doing DLC stuff.

But yeah the state of games now on the Switch is phenomenal, I can’t believe how many games there are on it. I’ve got a growing Wishlist but don’t have the cash to buy them all lol.

It’s so great to see Nintendo back to form again, the way they opened up to Indies and ports has really contributed to the system, only a few years ago everyone was talking the death of Nintendo so it’s great to see where they’ve ended up.

I love having the console 2nd time around and can’t wait for the Botw sequel. But agreed with others, I’ve got a digital copy of Odyssey on the unit but struggle to stay interested, generally just prefer wandering the fields of Hyrule, literally uncovering new stuff every day :slight_smile:

Generally I don’t feel guilty about playing games at all. I don’t see it as wasted time but instead time spent enjoying media you dig. Like I know people that watch game of thrones and breaking bad and lost and every addictive series that comes out year to year, I prefer to hit games. And actually for me games are more of a tap out, if the muse isn’t there, I don’t beat myself up anymore. But when I get obsessed about a project it really does take over, but often I need a break from that too and games are a great downtime.

Can’t say I’ve ever really been into FPS though, care factor is super low right there. I think I prefer chill games with minimal hectic


I’m biding my time with BOTW. I’ll probably pick it up when the price drops.

7-y-o son is still loving Splatoon 2. He’ll probably get Yoshi’s Crafted World for his birthday as we rinsed Yoshi’s Woolly World on the Wii U together (under-rated game, that).


Same! I had just returned from another video game hiatus and when I first got the switch I immediately hit BotW. I don’t think I was mentally prepared for what the game offered.

But now that I’ve calmed down a bit- it’s a fun game. It’s a little boring by standard game practices, but interesting in new ways.

It’s a bit like the Zelda version of Skyrim I suppose?


In case this one wasn’t mentioned : CUPHEADS


I never hit Skyrim, but now it’s on Switch, I’m tempted!

I was actually playing Botw again all yesterday haha. I hadn’t touched it in months but I guess the e3 announcement got me psyched.

I just can’t believe how big the world is and how much there is to do. I think I’m up around 80 or so shrines… That’s the obvious ones at least.

Yesterday I discovered the huge skeleton way out in the southwest corner of the Gerudo and I was like whoaaa


I just recently realized that’s it’s the only game where a huge map isn’t just a big pain in the butt that you’re going to be forced to mindlessly tread through.

That in itself is a massive step forward for games


I do think the world being so pretty definitely helps. I have this weird amnesia where I just climb and climb till I get to the top of a mountain, and the Homer Simpson in me is like ooo what’s at the top of the mountain? But it is inevitably a Korok seed every time haha. But yeah I’ll often stop to just check out a sunset hehe. I actually found the aurora borealis last night I was like wtf

I really hope they alter the botw formula a little in the sequel. I know they just did that as far as the whole franchise is concerned, but it’d be nice to see some old favourite tropes from previous zeldas, intermingled with the current engine.


This game is genius. Off the wall and the music is brilliant.


A lot of games are on sale at the Switch eShop right now. Which ones should I get??


Looking at the list a lot of these games are good…You can’t go wrong with most of them. Hollow Knight half off is really good. Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 for 40 bucks you won’t see again for a while. I’m playing FFIX and enjoying it. Phoenix Wright trilogy is classic. Undertale is one of the best games of 2015. DK Tropical Freeze is supposed to be great…Dark Souls is possibly my favorite game of all time.

Just depends what you’re looking for.


Another vote for Inside. It’s an essential game, whatever the genre you’re into. It’s a 6 hours run. Literal run. The sound design is also worth mentioning.

If you like (introspective) platformers, go for Celeste. If you like tacticals, go for Into the Breach. Hollow Knight has been mentioned a lot for a reason, it’s a work of love.

On recent releases, i heard good things about Ape Out. Gris is a beautiful little indie, as well as The Gardens Between. Have fun.


The ending of The Gardens Between got the heck out of me.

As far as bang for your buck, get it on sale though. Decent little game, powerful ending(personally speaking) but I felt a little gypped that I paid $20 for such a short game