Black Octatrack MKII now shipping

Understand. The ones whose names are sacred and only to be spoken by the high priests of synthesis on special days until we collectively forget the name etc. :smile:

Hehe i have one too! :wink:

Reminded me of this-

That’s not fair to potential second hand buyers who may think they are getting a much newer unit.


Powerfully erotic

The Elektron website already says “out of stock” for the black version.


I thought they’d sell quickly – black Elektrons look so good! This is good news for them and us. A strong uptick in sales for a 10-year-old machine will mean more efforts can be put into future boxes.


Sent it to my girlfriend.Think she was impressed…

Well, I have to admit, I already started to look for black skin for my grey one as soon as I bought it. The black version of OT was always tempting to me as hell . . . could not find a proper one. If anyone knows a place for solid and quality skin, bring it. NOTE : I do not like cremacaffe one, the only one I could find. Should not be too difficult to create one.

I preordered one 2 weeks ago to my online shop, I should have one but they are already out of stock too and need to reorder from the factory.
I think this black pannel work better for people like me who are DT/DN generation and used to this look.


When you get your copy, please write if the black finish is the same as the Digis. I hope it is, because I like the paint on the Digitak better than the Analogs.

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Yes no problem :wink: I hope too!

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Cool. Can we finally get that battery pack handle for the Models lineup?


I just ordered it. (GAS), could find it for 1220 euro new. will definitely look very sexy next to my black A4 and RYTM <3

now the learning curve…haha


where did you find it at that price!

I had mine for 1250€ in a french shop.
Boutique Audiosolutions - ELEKTRON - OCTATRACK MKII BLACK

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dutch store, called tonecontrol, with a discount coupon of 5%

hmm we will have to see then how long it will take with mine…


Thanks to all my credit card issuers that don’t do the store’s required verification step for keeping my gear lust unquenched.