Black Octatrack MKII now shipping

The Price of the grey one had dropped significantly now i feel. Well about £150.

I wonder if the black version has a different box or if it will just be white like with the grey one.

Not impressed by this nor the AE; i still prefer the grey version, 50 times more!

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Who’s going to be the first one to replace the screen with one from a Digi?


Looking forward to this!

I always wanted to jump into OT world since it was release, but I got the Digitakt to start my Elektron journey very lately. Now I’m super confident with Elektron workflow and the update 1.40 of the OT + this new black look made me order it to finally put my hand on this unique machine.
Visual is very important to make me want to use gear. I think theses black DT + OT together would make my desk appealing.


I can’t believe it’s OUT NOH!

If elektron are so eager to re-package and re-release existing products, why can’t we just have MnM and MD with some software borrowed from the new boxes? Or an expanded Digitakt with digital drum synthesis, and expanded digitone with more synthesis types? Help us help you help us Elektron. Youve got analog, fm, and sampling covered… but kitchen sink digital synthesis made the company and are the reason anyone cares


I was going to grab one, but went with the Poctatrack instead. Much more streamlined interface, and more my style.


I asked support and they said they didn’t have plans to do so, and replacement face plates would only be offered in the color of your originally purchased unit. So if you have a grey one, you can’t just order a black face plate, at least not right now.


Aha. So in order to sell 30 units of black OT2 to the people who would swap for color (don’t forget - they already sold the special edition to those people and since some of these special editions stuck on ebay for a time I guess the market was already saturated) they would make 250 people (just guess) frustrated (those who would pay for upgrade/facelift but don’t want the hassle of selling/buying new, except for the larger costs), because they (customers) know: technically they could, practically they are not “allowed”. I think, even a send-in-campaign would be succesfull for like 99 EUR or so, even 139 EUR, although just selling it over the website or retailers would be easier. Is there a YT/IG person with enough followers to make a decent poll (market research)?


I have one - should we settle at 49,950.00 EUR :wink: :smile:

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One people that will buy the dark OT mk2 because of its color gives buys it for let’s say 30 people that would buy the faceplate.
IMO selling the faceplate would basically mean less sales…
Another aspect is that changing the faceplate is relatively easy, but you can’t rule out all the people that would damage their unit doing so. So that’s an additional load on support, and possible additional loss of money for Elektron.
Not to mention that they have to bother with selling such a new product, for which they probably have nothing automatically dealt with on the sale to production to packaging to sending workflow.

As annoying as it seems from a user point of view, it is rather understandable that you won’t see any black faceplate for a long time, from a seller point of view.

Thing is Elektron should have just kept making black machines, instead of 4 shades of grey. Dark is their color ^^


Don’t know if I understood that sentence correctly, but I guess there are far more users who would buy the faceplate but would not make the swap.

Maybe sell some units black OT less, yes - but less profit? That depends.

And that would be nobody’s obligation (to rule out that somebody destroys their property).

Why? Tinkering with any device on their own voids warranty. Always.

Exactly that’s the idea/suggestion: Make the black faceplate/case a proper product. Install at own risk or send it to authorised dealer/workshop for additional fee.

That would be great customer service and raise the value of the brand.

For me and myself it would be enough to get the spare part for a reasonable price through my dealer. Or from a third party. :smile:

By using different colours (Grey first than Black now) they have been able to boost sales and keep an old product almost as new- it is a basic marketing strategy.

The are people here that already have a OT grey and bought the OT anniversary edition or people that have a grey and will probably get the black.


I was talking about value/profit.
Anyway, we’re getting off topic I guess.

I find this black OT very appealing, and I am sure that there will be people out there that were on the fence about the OT and that the color change will help make the decision :slight_smile:

Sure. But the silver ones didn’t need that. I do believe the color change has more to do with some refocus on a product identity than on some marketing scheme. But maybe both at once.

I êrsonally find the black OT (+ the OT AE + black analogs) really gorgeous, it’s a real pleasure to play on these.


I agree I like the black OT, I prefer the black to the AE and will probably get one as I have owned an OT.

Did I miss something? But why stay with silver if there is gold? :rofl:

I was talking about the Holy Silver Ones :elmd::elmm:
They never got (nor needed) some facelift.

Edit: I forgot there has been some special edition for the silver ones… My bad.