Black Friday 2017 Deals


Always like the Modular concept, and it sounds great, but considering I have Reaktor 6 sitting on my HD barely touched I think this is one I can finally be Captain Sensible on and resist!


vcv rack is very good , mostly free , just getting the mutable stuff is worth the zero cost … :slight_smile:


VCV is the software release of the year IMO :slight_smile: .


Vcv is awesome, so many modules being released it’s getting ridiculous but it can be bit of a chore to download them all over again when a new version is released. But hey can’t beat free…


I am in the same boat, totally… there are just too many options and time is limited. I prefer the hardware way as much as possible. Eurorack hardware is also not going to happen any time soon, even thinking of selling my mother32 and get a sub fatty instead, just because it’s more play ready all the time.


Looks like a deal to me.

360EUR for a new SP404SX - free delivery in Germany. They are more expensive 2nd hand still :joy::sunglasses:

// Edit 04/12/2017 - 20:58
404 - I think they sold out or noticed a mistake in their pricing, not sure.


The entire collection of Samples From Mars is currently on sale for $39, down from $1181. 96% off


An amazing offer. I cannot believe they are doing it. What more does one need?

Grab quick, tho, Id heard it was done Dec 1…but obvs wrong on that.


Follow-up: my Eastwood Guitar order – What happened.

OK this is just one story, but enormous pluses for Eastwood Guitar from me.

Remember in the Monopoly Game there is a ‘Chance’ card that reads “Bank Error in Your Favor”. Not only did i get a $100 Black Friday discount, but they upgraded my order to a higher level model AT NO EXPENSE. The more expensive model retails at $150 more!

They sent me an e-mail the day i ordered to apologize for a delay, and then they expedited the more expensive guitar the next day, because they ran out of the model i ordered.

What i got is the Astrojet DLX in cherry red. Listen to the video to hear it played.

Eastwood’s gig is to custom ‘copy’, or use as inspiration, unusual historic guitars, so as to come up with their own custom guitars. I’ve only played acoustics before, so i’m no expert, but the quality seems really good. The soft gig bag that comes with it is top notch too.

UPS sucks

Unfortunately UPS couldn’t find my house – that’s what they said – it took them three days to get a 6 mile local delivery done – UPS sucks here in W. Michigan, i’ve had problems with UPS delaying delivery here, a bunch.


regarding repro1 & 5
just tried the demo , its very nice , and the noise/static for the demo doesnt appear very often , more than enough time to setup a scale and render off scales/chords etc.

also did the same with the roland plugouts last week … bass is especially good as theyre short/quick and unlikely to be hit by static.

just remember to remove reverb/delays to ensure each note is unique.

my 2009 imac actually ran chords on repro5 in HQ …


woah, I’ve never seen one of those before! What made you go for it instead of a 6-string? Just the weirdness factor?

I’m considering going the other way and getting a 7 or 8-string, but they won’t work properly with my GK pickup, so I’m hesitant :frowning:


Repro-1/5 is the first plugin I’ve bought since buying Alchemy in 2010. It sounds so fantastic and has made it so I can happily get rid of my Mopho x4 and Tetra. I’m loving Repro-1 for bass sounds too… fits perfectly with the music I’m making.

Also went for the Samples From Mars deal yesterday. I’m glad I somehow made it to bed last night.


SSL Duende Native G Buss Compressor on sale for $39. Normally $329.,5BRSA,KBRLS9,KKET7,1

Good till December 8.


Damn good offer but i haven’t the money :stuck_out_tongue: $699


Console 1 : 499€


499€ is the standard retail price for the consol1 mk2


Playing your SoundCloud Heart Attack Tune whilst doing dishes; Have to say, it’s sounding great even on my Sony Bluetooth headphones :headphones: :thup:


@TonyDS Wow thank you very much for the kind words man means a lot to hear something like that from a fellow producer :blush:

@v00d00ppl Bah that’s like a must buy price hmmm… Think my credit card is about to melt already :smiley: Uhh this is a seriously nice piece of software for the master buss, money well spent :yum:

About Tenor Guitars -- Off Topic

Hi pselodux – RE: Tenor Guitars. Yeah actually they’ve been around for a long time starting in the 1920’s at least from Gibson and Martin.

Yeah as i mentioned i play an acoustic six string (and poorly at that) so i am looking for something easier to play, so that would be three or four strings. Four strings also lend themselves to other tunings (mandolin etc.) Wind instruments, keyboards and electronics stuff is more my forte – but its fun to switch things up.

If you look around there are lots of tenors still made from lots of makers. Eastwood has quite a few custom tenors – i was also looking at their Classic Tenor.


Thanks for the info! They look like fun, it’d be interesting to see how I’d go on one of those, as a 6-string guitarist of 25+ years—actually I once almost bought an Epiphone Mandobird just because it was cheap and I wanted to put it through distortion and play “micro-metal” on it haha. Listening to the video now, it doesn’t sound too different from a 6-string actually; what styles would you be playing on it?

Sorry to derail thread :smiley: