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@TonyDS Only downside to it is that it eats cpu.

But those oscillators, filters, vca’s, filter feedback, just sound unreal. Never heard as convincing analog sound come out of zeros and ones before.

Make a kick, record it, zoom in on it and you’ll see each hit is a little different just like a real analog synth. All in all amazing :slight_smile:


Do I have 69 dollars to burn? Hmmm


If it’s really good and you like

maybe make us a sample pack from shroom - and distribute/share/little-beer-money?




I have a lot of wave files from tracks I’ve made with it, but if you’re not big on Techno I doubt you’ll like it :smiley:

But sure I could do that.

Over to another topic for the moment, what do you guys think about a hardware synth on a Usb stick ? :smiley: I though I was done spending but this little thing sounds quite good, hmmmm…


I think it sounds as fun as it seems not-

I’m conflicted about this…



I was quite surprised by the sound quality I head from the demos, the pwm sounds brutal.

But who know’s maybe it’s a gimmick that will never be released, guess we’ll find out soon.


I think it will sell. But it definitely feels like a gimmick.

But the market for this seems weird. People that genuinely believe that VSTs don’t compare to REAL analog but still make music ITB…

Seems really weird to me as is


If it requires a computer to work doesn’t that eliminate the purpose of being hardware? This really confused me


Sure but analog is so popular right now that people will probably eat this up, especially younger producers who don’t have a lot of money to spend on analog synths.

I quite like the idea and would be all over this if they offered a dedicated midi controller for it.

Quite the “copy” protection as well being that the sound generation happens inside the Usb stick.


A dedicated controller would be great for this, and would also open the door to swap able synths. I would definitely be interested at that point.


Does the sound pass through the computer or does it have an audio out?

I don’t really get this, it seems more like an awkward vst than an analogue hardware synth. It’s like they’ve removed all the plus points of analogue hardware


Anyone use the Analog Drive on their recordings?

It looks like the Drive is sub-£200 most places now which makes it a very tempting option.

I’d like to use it to bring my Analog Four alive alive a bit more.

Will it take a line-level signal or is it purely for guitar?


I believe you can use it.
The thing that stops me is that there is no wet/dry knob, so there are chances bass signals get eaten a bit by heavy distortion…
(In this regard, Heat is perfect :thup: )
Would an Analog Drive owner confirm?


Don’t get me wrong, is absolutely love a Heat, I’m just can’t part with that much money for effects.

The Heat is currently £550 and the Drive is £175…


here you go. i was organizing my work space yesterday and i decided to try the AD with my MD for shits. heres a bit for your comparing. the AD really starts in around 1:30. since the AD is mono, i ran L through the pedal and R was just recorded clean and used as a wet/dry knob. sorry there isn’t much variety in distortion, but the bass really stands up well given how much distortion was applied. i think this was the Big Dist setting on the AD


Thank you dear :slight_smile:


@TonyDS you asked to hear how Softube Modular sounded so I
exported a few sounds of presets I’ve made with Softube Modular for my tracks, no post processing everything straight from the synth but for one lead file I think I forgot to turn off the sends while exporting that one :confused:

Most tracks I’ve made the last two years are almost all Modular.

This one here is all Modular and Heartbeat from Softube but for one arpeggio that is barely audible, it’s a bit old though :blush:


I’ll check it soon, thanks.

It’s my woman’s birthday so I am in lalaland for the rest of the weekend :dolls::love_letter:


This is core modular modules only?


Not all of them no, but some only use the core modules, filters in this thing just sound so nice only thing I’ve ever found coming close is U-he Repro-1 but it’s not quite as nice when cranking the resonance imo.