Black Friday 2017 Deals


Great service from this shop! They are sending me the SP404A for the same 360EUR, 404SX is out of stock at Roland. :thup:

Wonder if I would order an out of stock A4mk1 I will get an mk2 for the same price :smile:


It looks like a lot of Samples From Mars catalogue is “Sold Out”?

You think they’re tapping out?


I was assuming that it said sold out because I bought the whole shebang. Did you pick up the everything deal?


I’m not signed in


Maybe some purchased individual packs and didn’t notice the deal on everything and that resulted in complaints? Just a guess.

They are probably just putting it in the spotlight.


Well, that’s nice of them

I hope


I’m sure they will be fine, they also have a deal with Elektron if I’m not mistaken and I’m sure they sold many of these packs. They really do make quality stuff.


Their sound library is quality. I own an SP1200…I like their SP1200 one shots. It covers a lot of sounds you would get if you did it yourself and were sampling in the SP. Plus the folders are set for hot recordings of the sound and also the mellow part of the sound.

He also did a great job of sampling a polysix patch into the SP. That ableton synth patch alone is worth 20 bucks.

I’m still spending time exploring the other sounds in the collection. But if you’ve got 39 dollars to burn this collection really is worth it. That’s the price of four craft beers at a hipster bar right?


You can buy the sound pack- and you DONT have to hang out with a bunch of hipsters!

You should go into sales! If I hadn’t already bought it- I would have after comparing my options


Guitar Center is going to be running a Going Out of Business Sale sometime in 2018 – at least according to some speculation in the business press. Their credit rating has been down-graded to CCC- which is junk bond status.

For all the people who work for GC, i hope this doesn’t happen.


Damn! GC has been fairly decent for me through the years! :frowning:

What I reckon will happen is that they’ll end the business and split up into multiple businesses. Sales tax is killing Guitar Center around stores that don’t charge it


For those who Buy REPRO 1 & 5 - Black Friday 2017 Offer Let me tell you that Repro bundle is no longer in BETA and the official version is online !

Repro 1.1 (rev. 6794)
Changelog from V1.0


for 99, tis a great deal


Yea great deal but still on the fence… am I going to use it? That’s the question to myself… :diddly: