Black Friday 2017 Deals


That’s pretty cool. Can imagine it comes in really handy sometimes. I’m fortunate in that I have a mate who’s a cracking drummer so I get him to programme or record some beats for me!


thanks for the modnetic recommendation, picked it up on the weekend and it sounds amazing.


Oh man, I love Paul Nice’s mixtapes. Soul on the Grill is my jam.


grabbed this. its a bloody bargain not to be sniffed at!


Just grabbed a RTA Producer Station desk for $375 off Musician’s Friend. 25% off with code HOLIDAY. no sales tax and free shipping. Can’t beat that.


I have this, you’re going to LOVE it!!


Oh man! That’s mighty tempting. Thanks for the heads up!


I have tons of drum samples but I had to buy the Samples from Mars collection, it’s a steal at that price for all this content.

Lots of other cool stuff in there too, downloading now :slight_smile:


yeah i cracked too, it’s just too cheap for the volume of good content.


Has anybody that did the Samples From Mars deal, that’s working with ableton. How do the synth samples work in Ableton? Does it load like an instrument or do you have to configure all the samples?


Nevermind- I went ahead and did it. We’ll see.

They gave me a couple free products to play around with. And one of those patches sounded really good.

NOW! The spending stops(and this time I mean it)


Bro tomorrow is payday though. I’m caving in.

I have an SP1200 MPC60 but I still use other people’s SP1200 and MPC 60 sounds. Go fig


not really black friday … but … the analog drive price gets nuts (compared to the analog heat)


incomparable for me… even if i would buy two Analog Drive, I will not have all the possibilities of the analog heat


I’m talking about the price trend … AH goes uuuup, AD goes doooown


If I wasn’t buying a car tomorrow I’d pick it up even though I have AH, AD gives you more brutal distortion which is something I miss when using the AH. It doesn’t really go to 11 like they claimed in the Sonicstate video, still lovely bit of kit though…

Edit; It’s 165 euros at Juno, man why did I buy plugins like there was no tomorrow :grinning:
Fuck it I’m gonna splash out for it…


Jumped on the Samples From Mars all you can eat deal. Hard drive is feeling stuffed.


Hardware over plugins any day of the week :):diddly:


@TonyDS Usually I agree but have you tried Softube Modular ? Wish I had 10 Pc’s so I could run many of 'em at the same time :smiley:

Sounds absolutely incredible! But of course nothing beats having hardware in your hands tweaking away instead of mousing around like a dick…


Not tried the software, I am sure it’s first class sound wise. They would close shop fast if it wasn’t :slight_smile:


i think i had most of samples from mars already but for $39 i bought them all again , great deal …