Black Friday 2017 Deals


You get 5 downloads per file. Not sure whether availability is time limited, but it certainly won’t go away the next few days.


So cool. First buy of the black friday, want some synth for dicitakt!!


Can someone recommend a good librarian/sample explorersorter or are you just using windows??


I buy all samples from mars for 39$! Insane!


Ugh, I’ve looked at Samples from Mars stuff before and thought, nothing I need here, and now this thread has got me like, well, $39 for all the drum machine samples I’d ever need might be nice…


[ software ]
Ask Video titles are 75% off for another two days.
Automatic Coupon.


more free time


this times a million, especially coming from a parent of two needy kiddos and a husband of an easily annoyed wifey.

ps i almost jumped on the mars samps but i have so many of my own samps that i struggle to use.


Went for the mars samples. Ableton and wav format. Nice


What’s the Ableton format like?


any sales on a4 mk2 in germany?


Loads them as racks and instruments as a project then you save which ever you like to load into other projects



I’m kinda on the fence with this deal- I swore off spending any more BF money, and I prefer to create my own samples, but some of those samples could be quite useful…


I don’t really use samples but it’s good to have a selection and at that price for so many I doubt I’ll need to buy any again


I’ve just downloaded everything and it’s 84gb. That’s everything still zipped too.

In fact, still downloading - might be a few gb higher than that. I did download everything though!

Edit - 100gb! Jeez!


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I don’t plan to unpack them all, just a couple. Would just prefer to have them saved down somewhere when it comes to downloads!


@TrabanT are you sure it was mk2. just called them and they said the sale is for the mk1…


i only downloaded WAV files and live racks. guess i should have mentioned that haha


I bought the entire Paul Nice breakbeats, remixes, drum library, sound collection last year for 55 dollars

I see he’s doing the 50 a year subscription deal with access to the back catalog. This is a good deal for anyone that wants access to those battle records and his drum library records digitally in WAV format.

I’m still on drum library 1-5 and haven’t moved on from chopping those. His battle records breaks have cool atmospheric sounds where it’s easy to land a one shot and tweak the sample. This along with samples from mars and you’re done!