Black Friday 2017 Deals


Twisted Tools with 33% off, go for the bundles!
Best ensembles in ze vorld!!!


just got an email from eventide. Fission on sale $69


Awesome thread. Let’s hope those juno thing is true!


I got my Analog Heat from Pro Audio Star a month or so ago using the price bid feature. I got it (brand new, not refurb or returned) for hardly more than what most people are selling them used on Ebay and well below what any other retailer was selling at. A friend of mine had recommended them and I was both hesitant, but amazed at the price.

I’ll definitely give them a go again in the future, probably when it’s time for me to get an Analog Four MKII.


I live in Hong Kong and Gear4music always has incredibly cheap shipping, will they do a price match? Im getting 957gbp for a ot2



I know this is kinda late notice but for any aussies on this board, DJ City is offering 11% off online & instore until 5pm today if you use the code “11off”


I should really not have tried out both Repro 5 and Soundtoys bundle. … Sake!

Going to give both a full grilling this evening I think. I fear for my wallet.


So far I’ve only got Izotope RX elements and the Korg Gadget desktop from these deals, but the UAD ”4 for 400” deal is calling me… damn.

Gotta say I love the Gadget VST/AU export! Wroks like a charm except that some milpitas stuff doesn’t sseem to carry over…? Also, you need to use iCloud sync if you want to transfer custom samples for Bilbao, Vancouver and AbuDhabi.


Do you need extra hardware to run the UAD stuff?


Why, are you selling?

Or do you mean ”does one need propietary hardware to run UAD plugins?” All UAD plugins are compiled to run on the SHARC DSP chips so therefore require UAD DSP to run. The plugins, even though available through VST and AU protocols, only run the GUI inside your computer, all the processed audio streams are generated by the DSP chips.


That’s a very complex explanation :joy: (kidding…)
(Yes you need an UAD audio interface or an UAD accelerator)


Just trying to be thorrough here :nyan:


I purchased Falcon, thank to the Black Friday price. How good this VST is… woaw. It sounds sooooo good. The good news is that with the purchase of Falcon, i had a 100$ voucher. So I bought the 4 banks available. Amazing, truely amazing.


Still not got round to this one. Very tempting. Can you use the FX with external sources? That’d be cool as some of them seem handy.

Komplete Ultimate has also grabbed my attention.

Why can’t I be rich?


You can never be rich enough when you are into this hobby :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha tell me about it!

Looking at things a little further, KU11 probably fits the bill nicely. Dont need more piano’s but Session Strings Pro, the added studio effects and a few other bits and bobs really makes it enticing.

The Soundtoys stuff sounds great too though! They don’t make it easy do they?! I’m still a MAschine user though so NI have me by the balls…


For the low low price of just $99,975.00 :wink:


It’s a real bargain!




It’s like how they sell stuff at $19.95 so it seems like it’s not 20 bucks…
Good price, not even 100 grand! :sweat_smile: