Black Friday 2017 Deals


I got a 0-Coast from juno for 487 Euros :smiley:


Only thing I’ve bought today was a black edition Keystep that wasn’t even on sale…


Pro Audio Star (US Retailer) is offering various things with deep discounts. Like:

Elektron Drive with various bundles like cables for $222.

Arturia Matrix Brute for $1500.

and lots of other stuff.

ADDED: Arturia Keystep - Open Box $95 – they also throw in a Keystep free with various things like a Novation Peak at regular price.


So pretty. Really happy with mine.


It all depends… I use Ozone 7 for everything I put into the OT, but it’s just a tool.
If you are not sure about it, you probably don’t need it.


I find ozone 7 for my final master. Thinking of getting neutron elements for using as channel strip


local berlin just music store A4 mk2 … hold your underpants ladies and gentlemen : 1249 euro … walk in price… its not advertised online.


rubadub are cheaper for analog 4


Isotonik has many things on sale.

Maker of software products and add-ons, as for instance they make Max For Live add-ons, like the Iota Granular Synth Looper – price down from $37 to $30.

The coupon code for their Black Friday stuff on sale is: blacktonic
Iota is not a BF item but it’s still a good deal.


I certainly have to avoid the area tomorrow, especially with a credit card in the wallet… :roll_eyes:
Was there also a deal for the OTmk2? In that case I am going to hurry :star_struck:


if you add the korg monologue for 240€ (inkl discount) you get free shipping on your analog heat ! :wink:


makes me a little curious about margins on Elektron and gear in general :no_mouth:


Bad thing is that I already purchased AH, and another one that I have synth :smiley: and 2 synths for my very little studio is too much.


yeah.must be a good Mark up.most of costing go’s on advertising


I really love your tribal techno sets, consider me a fan🦁


The shipping cost can add up, i send it back or for repair then iam quickly at 40+ euro. Iam used too Thomann style conditions (30 days monyback , all shipment costs are handeld by the retailer). Sadly this kills the AH deal for me at juno records.


I agree, I rarely buy things from juno, thomann is best, but this time juno wins with that big discount for AH. Thomann price for AH - 799 Eur :slight_smile:


Well yeah its 634 euro @ gears for music atm with those conditions, but thats rather not a deal for me since the price was 621 a week ago ( it will be back there anyway in a not so distant future). For 550 i would probably had snapped on the juno deal aswell :smiley: .


Back to the Deals:

Slate makes virtual plug-ins mainly.


I don’t think that AH price will drop soon. And those guys who are selling DT will regret it after the update, because I think DT price will increase as well :slight_smile: