Black Friday 2017 Deals


And wait till it asks for a WUP lol

I used to think waves policies & pricing had changed for the better… until I bought a few plugs and a year later all this WUP nonsense started.


In this Crazy BlackFriday I would like to share you something.

i learn this the hardest way : Trust me on this :wink:
it is better to maintain a shopping list for your needs.

By testing with trial versions, testing in stores or at friends’ homes. Between our real needs and our desires (the one we think it will sensitize creativity, envy etc …) and the stimulus of compulsive shopping ! Do you make the difference between the two.

Doing a good deal is not doing a good deal in the wind … but doing a good deal on something you identified the need before the purchase and not after … I encourage you to spend your money with that in mind.

it’s a bit paternalistic but I don’t care


Juno’s 10% off everything released before 1 October 2017 seems to apply to hardware as well:


Oh my. Analog Heat under £500 with that.

It does say “limited to certain products” but it does seem to apply the discount at the checkout.


Just phone them. They usually not about 10% off


not bad! 577€ inkl shipping outside UK e.g. germany. compared to the new 799€ price a bargain!


For guitar players:

I’m just about to buy one of their tenor guitars.

They also introduced ten new models in their Custom Shop.


Palette Gear (moduler configurable control surface, with slider, dials and buttons) is offering one or two free dials with a purchase.


Sensel Morph is offering 20% off for BF. They make a high precision multitouch control panel with a various overlays, and also ways to make (3-D print) your own custom interface.

If you are interested in Joué this is very similar and available now.


it’s still fridayy! :laughing:


Music store deals weekend :slight_smile:

Boss Rc202 for 250€
Was on last years’ shopping list… mmmmm


20% off the Soundbrenner Pulse, a wearable vibrating metronome, with five player synchronization.


Good news - Analog Heat - €556.85, Digitakt - €558.87 (With code BLK17). Just ordered Heat :))


I’m sat having a small breakdown over whether or not to order from Juno…


Why ?


They have OT Mk2 as well, would be £115 off with that code if it’s applicable.


Same here, 20 euro shipping to germany hurts tho …


As the AH price has risen to 799 Eur, I had a chance to get it for 556 Eur, so 20 eur for shipping is fair enough :))


ROLI is offering deals on their Rise 25 and Rise 49.

The Rise 25 has $100/€75/£75 cash back.
The Rise 49 has $200/€150/£150 cash back.
Both include FX Expansions BFD3 - acoustic drum software for FREE.


I might have over exaggerated a little.

Basically the timing isn’t so great, so it’s somewhat risky unfortunately. :cry: