Black Friday 2017 Deals


I found this: Its not on discount, but i think i will try it out instead the Ozone deals:


Need to make mastering by your own ???

I mean if you’re a producer you don’t need that
an intelligent compressor like Dynamic Spectrum Mapper V2 or even a maximizer is only what u need from playing your track to send better dynamic preview to label… it will go in pro mastering anyway at the end so…

if you’re a mastering engineer then it’s different.


Well it would be the same question for Ozone or not ?


Sure same for Ozone.

i tend to put my money only in creative tools rather than mastering tools… (I think otherwise it’s money spent wrongly I mean for producer, musicians etc…)

The only one I still find useful to me is : Iris 2 (Absolutely stunning), VocalSynth, Neutron (Good for people who don’t already know how to mix a track), Nectar 2 (Stunning on Vocals), RX Advanced (Very useful under certain circumstances) …


Not sure about the soundtoys deal, i really love SieQ, which was last years give away. At the end, to much FX is often detriminal to the sound. Those plugins will never do better music, they are the icing on the cake.


I think with SoundToys it depend on the Music Genre… Echoboy, Decapitator, Filterfreak are top notch :wink:

At the end, to much FX is often detriminal to the sound

You right… Few by tracks, but always nice to find the good FX for the right purpose at all time :wink:


Is echoboy good for Dub Techno? Does it reallly give that what the Roland Space echo provides? That would be the main plugin that intrests me from their bundle.


Not really the same it’s a tape echo, I would stick with Roland Space Echo kind of distinctive effect in this musical register :wink: UAD have a nice replica (Galaxy Tape Echo), Boss have a hardware pedal with is not too bad (Boss RE-20)
==> Of course the original from Roland is a must have :wink:


This! I changed my view on this too. I even regret upgrading to Live10 (preorder) lately, I hardly use it (Live9) so … what’s the point :man_facepalming:

Probably gonna sell it all when Live10 is public, including NI Ultimate for a steal … Can still 2+track from the mixer with Logic X and get some final tuning done. Want to put my money in a small console instead of more software. At the end of the day my 2 year old loves faders and knobs, a l l t h e t i m e :grinning:

ooopsss sorry, better back on topic then :wink:


You can save even more on the Soundtoys bundle if you own any of the individual VSTs. I traded in all the “little” VST’s and saved another $150!

@Sternenlicht I love making dub sounds with echoboy! I’ve got my OP-1 setup to control the feedback, time, mix, and delay type, it’s a riot.


modart is having a 30% sale on my favorite piano emulation, pianoteq 6 pro


Echoboy is good, but if you want space echo territory, I’d recommend checking out Modnetic.


been waiting for this one.

samples from mars sale :slight_smile:
always good sales, i think ive only bought samples from here…


I’ve seen pretty good demos of Acustica Lemon as well


Thank you for the link; I am now I’m 370 Linndrum samples heavier!


Wooooah. Sample from mars + Digitakt seems to be :heat:
thanks for that one


fkn lol @ the waves free plugin deal being a god damn VU meter


Air Music Hybrid 3 is $1 right now


Basstation + V-Station Bundle for 16€ is also quite nice!


Lot of iOS stuff on sale! Beatmaker 3 $19, Korg Oddisy, Monopoly, etc …