So there’s a cat thread, a dog thread…

This could be a twitchers thread, or a pet bird thread. I’m a twitcher, so anything I post will be wild.

Only post your own photos please.

The enigmatic Jacky Winter Microeca Facsinans

Lots of these around this year!


I grew up with African Greys as pets and thought they were hilarious and entertaining. If I was to buy a bird, I’d probably get one, although it never quite felt right to have a parrot in captivity. Something like a chicken is one thing but to have a parrot as a pet seemed a bit unethical. Regardless they were so funny with their talking. Super needy though.

Random internet pic since I don’t have any pics on my phone of the ones we owned.



I chased these Egrets up and down this river for an hour or two before taking a “shortcut” through some trees and emerging on this scene bathed in golden light. I threw my hands up in triumph and did my best to get an admittedly awful zoomed in photo from my iphone, you can’t really tell but there’s a Blue Heron in the back there. Just to the left there was a tree full of about 20 Cormorants with more arriving each time I tried to count, my dad says they stack up like this and kill trees.

I come from a family of birders but have yet to really take up the mantle, though I’ve started to appreciate it more later in life. My great aunt is 93 and can’t see much at all but could classify almost any bird by call alone. She used to have stacks of cds with tons of calls, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on them.


Is that related to the Whiskey Jack?
My fave bird. SO many up in Whistler.
Coolest freakin bird. When I was hikin back country, when we were having lunch, they come land on your head.


Welcome Swallow Hirundo Neoxena

On the power lines next to my house. There’s always a family of these zipping around catching bugs and putting on good flight displays.


This year for covid my wife and I needed a pet project in the spring so we decided to raise ducks and build them a duck park in our yard.


Names are Woodie and Willie, both female Indian Runner ducks. The crested one is supposedly more rare, I’ve read only 20% of them survive into adulthood. Anas platyrhynchos domesticus


Possibly? Im not familiar with north american birds. I grew up in UK and now live Australia.
Fun fact, (check it yourself) ultimatley, all birds on this planet originate from what is now Australia. So the answer to your question is more like, probably.


Ducks are brilliant! I have families of wood ducks around here, very entertaining. :wink:


Ducks are the best, thanks for sharing @konputa !

Fabulous thread @Microtribe :grin:


@Microtribe @CountedSorrow It was a real feel good moment to raise them this year. The little one with the Bali poof was a throw away because her eye hadn’t opened. We spent a lot of effort taking care of her and slowly cleaning her eye until it was ready to open. Once it started to open we were thrilled to see it wasn’t milky. With all the horrible things happening it was a great feeling to know that we saved her and allowed her to live a happy life that she would not have otherwise had. :slight_smile:


This is awesome!


We see these guys all the time around here. I saved one last year that was wrapped up in a fishing line, thrashing about with 4 hooks.

Pelecanus occidentalis


Bizarrely, I just posted a bunch of bird photos to my photography page the last two days, and then this pops up! Fun thread @Microtribe

Here are a few highlights, more can be found here on insta



I wish I could keep ducks. It’s definitely on my ‘one day’ list. Yours look adorable!

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Yeah we have chickens too. I had no idea how different their behavior and personalities are. The ducks are like cats. They call for us when they want food or attention, they greet us, they call for one of our dogs. It’s ridiculous and awesome.


A few Aussie locals I’ve photographed lately :slight_smile:

Scarlet Honeyeater
Myzomela sanguinolenta

Juvenile Brown Honeyeater
Lichmera indistincta

Zosterops lateralis

Juvenile female Scarlet Honeyeater
Myzomela sanguinolenta

Red-capped Plover
Charadrius ruficapillus

Chestnut Teal
Anas castanea


Beautiful work, by the way.

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Haha, that’s amazing! Brilliant fun, they sound like real characters.

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:pray: :blush: Thanks!

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