Best solo Elektron machine for techno ambient deep bass

I’m in the process of deciding which Elektron to purchase for producing techno, ambient, soundscapes, ++++++deep bass floor quaking potential - and live work.
(Oh…Autechre…comes to mind.)
I’ve had a DT. Loved it. Sold on as it wasn’t agreeing with my solar power supply.
So, I’m wondering wether to get another DT orrrr OT mkii or A4 mkii ( I’m saying mkii coz I’ve a soft spot for there present architectural aesthetic
I can get an OT MKII for 750£, a DT FOR 500£. But I’ve heard countless times the OT is a ball ache to learn. I don’t mind learning. Think of Eno when he first encountered a VCS, or Christophers ( Throbbing Gristle, Coil ) with his bedroom doodling…think they were put off by a little hard labour rather than being content with a Stylaphone???
Oh and PS , I know there’s some exotic gear out there but my budget is about 1000£.
I’ve been looking at the DFAM.
Had Electribe and Arturia Brutes but did nada for me.
Also used Max on the mac and although this is an awesome tool I don’t want to be staring into a screen!

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Ot is a piece of urine to get the basic down. Getting to jedi status is more difficult…

The curve is as steep as you want it in all honesty mate and you’ll flip it for the same price you bought it.

A4 is ace for all that stuff–really nice for techno leads and can be an awesome drone machine.

DN would also get you in the territory you want to get to.

I’d go OT and DN if I were looking for two elektron devices to cover all my bases.


Sounds like you would love a Rytm mkii

I just got one and it’s incredible for its analog drums, but it also offers a sample engine nearly identical to the Digitakt, so you’re getting best of both worlds as you stack an analog drum over/under a sample of your choice.
You can change the parameters of the low Tom and change it into a Mean single oscillator bass tone, and this is when it gets fun because you can mess with several more filter options than the digitakt offers, and it just sounds damn amazing

And not mention performance mode. Amazing way to add variety and color to your patterns

I didn’t know how much I was missing out until I got my hands on one


If you started with a Digitakt maybe the OT will annoy you. I didn’t get on with the DT after using an OT for ages, so maybe the one you start with kinda reprograms your brain. DT+DN is within your budget and is a killer combo. Why not consider the AR mk2 as well? The sampling side functions in much the same way as the DT except with analog filters/drive and analog drum synthesis.

edit: @sleepfc beat me to it!

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That’s an insanely good price. I paid nearly that for my Mk1. If you buy and decide you don’t like it chances are you can actually make some money.

You’re looking for one machine that can do it all? That’d be Octa, but of course keep in mind it’s a sampler so you need to put sounds into it. If you want a machine that can make the sounds and do it all, that’d probably A4 or AR. I’m sure you can sample bass hits/chord hits/melody hits and put them on the AR if you fancy, that way your drum synthesis is deep. Or you can use the A4 for its drums, but then you’ll be left with one or two tracks for bass/melody.


I’m liking what I’m reading.
But, hahaha!, within 10 mins of putting up this thread…post(?) I’ve been suggested to get an OT, a DN+the DT, an AR and an A4…
It’s taken on board what you’re saying and I appreciate the variables and advantages etc of each machine.
Tbh I really feel as though I fell in love with the OT MKII when i first seen it and learned of it’s Diabolically Biblical Mythical capabilities, but budget and a little sensible feeling told me to learn the basics on a DT first, then later on go for the bad ass’t OT. But I’m also getting the feeling that I’d like an affair with the A4.
Perhaps ideally, for the present anyway, I’m thinking of using just the one machine (the solar power question?). I found it strange that the DT uses more power than the OT - 12v compared to 7v ???

Oh, if anyone’s familiar with Confield Autechre. What machine (other than computer/Max) makes that kinda yumminess?


Digitone nord rack Mono Machine and to a certain extent Octatrack and MD

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Ahhh, the MD… there’s certainly something about the more ‘vintage’ play mate…

I mentioned in my primary post that I’m into soundscapes. I like messing about with sound.
I guess why I begun this thread was that I may find some answers into finding a machine that won’t quit on me when I press a button, turn a knob and the machine decides that’s as far as IT wants to go instead of going that little bit further where I’m wanting to go, if that makes sense.

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Haha that’s to be expected. Every Elektron kit is a notorious “all-in-one, desert island” kinda thing

Idk about the solar power


I love Autechre as well and Confeld was one of the first ‘IDM’ records I bought. I currently have a Digitakt (my favorite, VERY capable of being a solo techno machine for live performance) Digitone (fantastic, very capable of making those reverbed out confeld melodies). But when it comes to making glitchy stuttery textures I can’t think of a better device than the octatrack. With it’s somewhat convoluted routing architecture and the ability to sequence effects through parameter locks you can REALLY push the sound into Max/MSP territory.

The OT is no joke though. It took me about a year to warm up to it. If you go that route, just focus on the OT without other elektron boxes. Make friends with OT users IRL as I found the best way to learn is from friends. Merlin’s Guide is the next best thing.


That’s a real nice one Robert!
Thank you

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I’m slightly biased because I’m about to pull the trigger and add a Digitone to my Digitakt and Analog Keys setup, but this is the video that sold it to me:

So, holy fuck, it’s very possible to do Autechre sounds with the DN, and glitch drums would be a piece of cake


No kits or song mode on the Digitone, though.
If you want to work within a single machine, both are very nice features to have.
A4 has both and also has a pretty flexible synth engine. Takes some patience to get really good sounds out of it, because there are so many parameters to tweak and fine tune.
A4 is also a very good drum machine, but also does nice leads, bass, pads and weird sounding stuff.

OT can easily do all sorts of glitchy stuff and also can load single cycle wavs.


OT is some Jedi master stuff. The basics are easy. You want to challenge yourself you can. This machine is is living proof that you can get a lot done if you let your hands do the talking.

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Yeah, i like the idea of pairing up DT and DN.
But from a £££’s POV it’s comparable to an OT(mkii). AND does this combo give more Sound potential than a lone OT? ( compromise wise the little fellas will be less arduous to instruct?)

All the sound potential in the world doesn’t mean shit if you can’t unleash it.
If you click with a machine though, no matter if OT or DT+DTo or A4 you can do some serious shit for sure.
Any chance you can test some Elektron stuff?


FYI the MK2 octatrack is 12V as well.

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According to the Spec on Elektron site Anfim for THE OT power consumption is 7w ?? Even though it does say 12v on the machine…

I used to own a mk1 OT but having come from an Ableton Live setup beforehand, I found it incredibly limiting only having 8 tracks and only 2 effects per track, etc etc. Not that there isn’t beauty to be found in limitations. But now with my DT, AK and soon DN combo, plus with Overbridge looking so good and way more intuitive for the ITB folks, I’m in heaven. Side note, I’m a guitarist too, so when playing live without having my hands free, I needed the song mode of the AK to tell my DT what to do sometimes. OT of course can do all that by itself, and even loop my guitar parts, but it’s too much work for me personally speaking, and there will never be OB for OT. Your mileage my vary, as with all things. Plus, my original answer was to suggest that the DN could do it all, especially if your hands can be on the box all the time to switch patterns manually etc. Hope you find your dream machine in the end! :yellow_heart:

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when I read techno, soundscapes and autechre I think of a recent OT video by our naut colleague @defenestration
Got me pretty excited