Best Polysynths you can buy right now?

Which synths would make the list.


Moog One
Walforf Quantum
Sequential Prophet X
Sequential OB-6
Sequential Prophet 6
UDO Super 6
AMS Hydra
Nord Lead A1
Behringer Poly D
Novation Summit
Elektron Analog 4
Sequential Rev 2
Modor NF-1

Which one would you add / take away?


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Add the Modor NF-1 and the REV2, and I will help you :sweat_smile:

Done :slight_smile:

Peak peak! :grinning:


Isnt Summit a more complete version of Peak?

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It’s two peaks with a modified filter section and a keybed but… that doesn’t make the Peak any less of a great polysynth😀


Understood :slight_smile:

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Elektron Digitone /Keys
Kodamo Essence FM


Digitone. I have one and while great, is not the Best. In my opinion.

Reason’s Europa
Air’s Vacuum Pro

Cant argue about taste.


Moog One: sounds too straight for me

Walforf Quantum: a perfect dream-synth. I loooooooove mine :heart:

Sequential Prophet X: great synth, really. Oscillators are a bit too simple/basic

Sequential OB-6: sounds gorgeous but the filter is a bit too nasal sometime. Side by side, I prefered the Prophet 6 over that OB

Sequential Prophet 6: a true modern Classic

UDO Super 6: mine is arriving on tomorrow, I’ll edit my post later :wink:

AMS Hydra: amazing synth. Had both keyboard and module versions. So much possibilities. The build quality is phenomenal. The keyboard is outstanding

Nord Lead A1: I loved mine but finally sold it with no regrets

Behringer Poly D: you can’t go wrong. Sounds great but, hey, no presets!

Novation Summit: a great modern hybrid synth. Had the Peak and sold it. Great synth, great reverb. A bit too clinical to my ears, though

Elektron Analog 4: one box, 4 tracks, one amazing sequencer, great fx, a great companion for your modular

Sequential Rev 2: :heart::heart::heart:

Modor NF-1: this synth is a true secret weapon. Sounds like anything else!


Which one you would label as the best if you had to?

Erm…that is within the nature of that seamless State Variable Filter, plus even in nasal Mode, it sounds so good, that my Minilogue wants to commit suicide.


Huuummm… Quantum/Iridium

Quantum + Rev2 is a perfect duo


Vermona Perfourmer


Yes, sure. I do love that Nasal sound but it’s not for everyone I guess

I think Minilogue XD should be in there, considering what you get for the price!


I’d been debating between picking up a Rev2 or an Iridium to supplement my Rytm & A4 mk2’s. I’m currently in the process of evaluating the Iridium. :slight_smile:

Just got the Iridium today. While good, it sounds thin compare to Prophet 6 / OB-6.

So much sound design possibilities and can make unique sounds. But for me is not top 3 right now. Thanks