Best ‘on the couch’ device for sketching ideas?

This has got me digging out my circuit rhythm and going to fill it with samples from mars packs.

Sofa production here I come


While relaxing on the couch I usually practice my mixing skills on a Mackie 32:8 board.


Macbook air m1/m2 :slight_smile:

Can’t beat the lightweight build, long-lasting battery, beautiful screen, and oodles of processing power together with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. Hard to find this combination in any other device.


It’s a toss up between the SP-404 MKII and Digitone for me.


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Another vote for MPC Live 2. It’s everything you need

Oh, wow - I didn’t know that about Gadget. I’ll DEFINITELY have to look into that.

And yeah, Cicruit Rhythm looks pretty cool, too.

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What sort of battery pack are people using to power their ‘Takt devices?

I’d love for my Digitakt to be more portable!

Oh, and what sort of case have you got for all of that?

‘My neck, my back….’



Surely?! :smiley:


That track was definitely made on a couch :laughing:

Gathered from some minor leaks; let’s wait for this year’s namm in April

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TalentCell Rechargeable 72W 100WH 12V/8300mAh 9V/11000mAh 5V/20000mAh DC Output Lithium ion Battery Pack for LED Strip and CCTV Camera, Portable Li-ion Power Bank, Black : Electronics & Photo

This is a powerful beast but the Syntak daws a bit of power being part analogue and this will run it for about 5 hours- The Digitakt could probably run off a much smaller battery- for the case I used

Analog Cases PULSE Case for Elektron Digitakt / Roland SP-404 at Gear4music

fits unit and battery and I just use it in the case.

(Note- you may need a power cable size adaptor from the battery to the device as they have different sizes, depends on what comes with the battery)

The Roland SH-4d


I’d recommend Elektron Model Samples or Model Cycles. Both are amazing, lightweight, sturdy and not very expensive, though represent modern workflow and technology. Buy Ripcord and connect it to powerbank.
Pros: Plenty of knobs, super fast and easy workflow, easy sample loading and recording of your masterpieces to computer over USB-audio.
Cons: no internal battery/replaceable batteries - have to use thirdparty cord and powerbank for mobility, no internal speaker - portable speaker or headphones need to be connected.

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There is all in one thing called Deluge. Pricey though…





Nah! Uilleann pipes. Easier to play sitting down.