Best microphone for portable Digitakt setup


Apologies, it’s the M3! I never used it with the DT when I had one, but I imagine you’d need extra gain because the DT doesn’t provide very much on the thru channel.


Haven’t used Rode M3 either but I tried AKG C1000s MKIV, that is kind of similar but the signal was way too weak for Digi :no_mouth:


any mic w/out an active mic preamp section will sound like garbage going into DT’s inputs.

though one man’s trash is an other’s treasure…


Interested in the Zoom H6. Do you record audio from the DT in the H6 with a TRS cable? And doing multi track and overdubbing?


I record dn+dt + virus ti2 in the zoom h6 yes, works just fine for me… I put the level between -6 -12 and if needed adjust/normalise in logic… After few months am still happy and surprised by the quality of this little recorder… I also record sounds here and there, very handy…


Thanks for the reply! Do you multi track and overdub with the H6. I am interested in that.


Yes you can do that as well, works just fine… I did it a few times… You won’t get lost, the manual is well made, zoom is very easy to manipulate, nothing negative to say, really


Do you know what the difference is between the H5 and the H6? I know the H6 has more inputs and a color screen, but what is the difference in case of multi track and overdub?


Never had the h5 in hand, sorry…


H6 has six inputs against 4(?) on H5.


I know, read the second sentence after my question…


H6 can do 6 tracks simultaneously the h5 can do 4. H6 has more extensive editing features.


Can you tell me what those ‘more extensive editing features’ are on the H6?


via google


my mic worked without preamp


can I ask, what kind of mic you were using?


shure sm 58 or something like that
the cheap classic if i recall correctly

was super surprised i could use that without pre amp