Best microphone for portable Digitakt setup


Hei, any suggestions for portable microphone setup for using with Digitakt? Trying to skip the bulky mic preamp.
I tried AKG C1000s and it works but recordings are noisy (not enough gain to drive the A/D chip in DT?). Thanks!

What's Your Favorite "Easy" Mic Set-Up For Sampling?

I feed the line out of my pcm d100 handheld recorder into the dt. D100 has Pretty good mics (big capsules), low self noise, can handle high spl, has a decent limiter and of course adjustable gain etc. all in one small box. Great plus is that you can use the recorder on its own for fieldrecordings, soundeffects whatever that you could later feed into the dt. Peace


Would a Triton Audio Fethead Phantom work with the AKG C1000S with the internal battery supplying the phantom power to the microphone and the Fethead which is designed to boost the signal and lower the noise floor too, to use with your Elektron Digitakt???


class A amp size of XLR plug, now thats nice


Would be worth contacting Triton Audio or if you have a retailer with a relaxed return policy/trial period, it would be worth trying. If you get one, let me know if it works and if it is a viable effective solution for people that want decent recording levels when plugging into the Elektron Digitakt.


No, it won’t work. The Fethead requires phantom power to work. Line level inputs, like the DT’s, don’t provide it.

Further, the device is intended to be used between a mic and a mic input which has yet more amplification. It’s not intending to boost a mic all the way to line level.


I use a Zoom H1. It’s very portable and has a line out. I just plug it in one of the Digitakt inputs. Plus it can work autonomously so I can do field recordings on the go, I always have it in my backpack!

Depending on the quality you want you might opt for one of the costlier Zoom options, but the H1 was good enough for me. Probably not the best if you only intend to record voice.


Thanks for the reply. I do understand how the Fethead works but the AKG microphone in question can supply it’s own phantom power via the internal battery compartment. Will it have enough current to make the Fethead Phantom work with the AKG microphone?


I work w/zoom h6, it’s fantastic !


Have an H1 too. Great quality for the price especially if you grab one second hand.


The AKG supplies it’s own power from the batteries… but it doesn’t supply phantom power to it’s connector. (It would be very strange if it did, and quite possibly damage mixers, since they don’t expect to see 48V on mic inputs!)

Further, the Fethead preamps takes phantom power on the mixer side, not the mic side. The Phantom model also passes through the power to the mic side.


Sounds logical. Thanks for your insight on this matter. Doesn’t sound like the AKG will be any good for this application then. A field recorder microphone as mentioned before may be an option for his Elektron Digitakt then. The joys and woes of the music tech world, where signal impedences make connecting equipment harder than it should be to attempt a simple task. The manufacturers must love and loathe this too, as you need to spend a small fortune on several pieces of gear to achieve the task at hand.

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The zoom h1 is ok, but the h6 is something else. To give you an idea, it’s at least as good as my apogee duet and if you know how to use mics you’ll be surprised by what you can do with it…


I’m selling a zoom H2N pm eventually


I know a lot of people probably just record their synth or sample their favorite recordings, but every once in a while I just want to record myself messing around making noises.

My default mic set up is an SM-57 from Sure plugged unto a tiny Yamaha mixer, basically just for the ONYX mic preamp, directly into the back of the digitakt.

Is there anything similar yet simpler out there? What are you guys doing out there for low hassle mic set-ups?


I do something very similar. I have tried zoom dictaphone but ended up with SM57. Simple and well balanced setup.


I have one of those, I guess the battery power means I can skip the mixer. Although looking at it, I’m not sure how i would affix it to a mic stand.


Another one worth checking out is the Rode M10. It’s a small diaphragm cardioid condenser mic that runs on phantom power, but power is supplied via a 9V battery in the mic body. It may need an extra bit of gain before going into the DT, but it does sound much better than an SM58.


How would you rate the performance off the M10 going directly into the digitakt?

edit: I’m not finding the M10 listed on

Did you mean the M1?