Behringer WING

WASP clone incoming… it’s crazy how fast they’re releasing everything.

They are fast to announce, but not so fast to deliver… Still waiting for the RD-9!

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Ha- Uli thinks he is Steve Jobs now :slight_smile:

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X-18. X-32 . . . how did they miss the opportunity to call this the X-Wing?? I would have bought it for the name alone.



It makes some sense when doing all the engineering for something like this to add 50% to your design budget and do two related products (like with ASM and the Hydrasynths) and carry over a lot of the circuit design and ideas. So maybe a Winglet or a Pterodactyl (MegaWing?) carrying on with the dinosaur theme introduced earlier in the thread.

ADDED: But they also need a new stagebox and etc too.

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Actually it’s obvious now that i look at the image:


It’s a little Wing a Winglet or perhaps a fly in the ointment. (idiom)

Actually it’s not a fly – any entomologists here?

I wonder what this is.

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I believe B said already that they have plans for this too, Grumo.

I didn´t even know about that synth.

Various copies have been done of it over the years, its filters in particular.

Turns out synthanatomy has been speculating about this for a few minutes too.

I still think a Winglet is more probable, to tie in with this whole announcement.


Because Disney would’ve owned them before they could even say “X-W…”.

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On trademark, Not that it matters much --

– but there’s a good chance that US Trademark law would allow X-Wing in a dissimilar product area that is not in competition, and where there is no confusion created. (I created a product for a telecommunication company that they named Swatch. The legal department cleared it and it was never fought.)

That’s a good point! I forgot about that. I was thinking only about how ruthless Disney can be when “protecting” their IP. It would not surprise me if they went after anyone. They have successfully gotten trademark / copyright laws changed in the past (and will likely do so again). Ironic, since many of their characters were lifted out of stories that were long part of the public domain.

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As the expression goes, “you can sue a ham sandwich.” Whether you win is another question. Behringer has a pretty substantial legal department (sitting in the wings) as well.


Sweetwater has a video with Mitch Gallagher.

This thing is really nice. Want!

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Seeing what this is and what it can do that seems like a bargain. This won’t be a volume product but it does suck the air out of the digital mix board market. There’s definitely room below this product, but i don’t see much of a future for the X-32 if they do a Winglet sort of product.

ADDED: Frivolous add on feature: Glow – You can control the leds underneath the console to affect the “ambiance”!

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An EDP wasp clone is incoming…