Behringer WING

700,000? I can’t see that many being sold. It’s been available for 8 years. Probably sells about 10k a year at most.

a moderator Info. but 70000 sounds plausible

I don’t get the excitement. It’s clearly just a Moog One clone


If only it could fly

No Overbridge?! To hell with this then…

Or even Oberbringe!? WTF! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Wing The Fehringer!

actually 0.0001% of 7 billion is just 7000 people

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Behringer cloned a extra billion people to buy the x32😁


Be interesting to see the guessing £2999-£3999

Juts to put things in perspective…On the 6+Billions you mentionned 80% are just struggling to survive to let us have this discussion.

On the remaining 20% let’s say 20 % are musicians and on the musicians 50% have need for a x32 ( still seems optimistic ). I absolutely can’t take for granted that half of them will get the x32. But the potential market seems more realistic that way.


You,Sir, made me laugh this morning ! And I owe you one now ! :slight_smile:

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#Me too, no offense I hope…

That’s a glass half full with lemonade shining at the end of the tunnel seen through rose-colored glasses optimism.

700 000 seems a bit high. But it’s not only people buying these things. I guess the biggest marked is houses of worship. And a lot of small venues doing live shows.

It’s not 700 000 bedroom producers who has one.

Houses of gear worship? :ghost:
Jocking aside, i don’t think this is aimed for bedroom producers, it is simply to big.

The reveal isn’t done yet?

Yeah, price is missing isn’t it?