Behringer WING

Sweetwater is listing availability for the WING as January.

I don’t think the WING product/announcement has any relationship to the Wasp.

I did not think I would ever GAS over a mixer this hard… trying to figure out how I can justify a purchase like this by January :joy:


Exactly my thought, but it damn well would force me to up my game. Maybe i can hire a band and go on the road.

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At that price, it is especially disappointing that it is USB2 instead of USB3 and/or thunderbolt. Latency integration with DAWs will be disappointing.

Whats the benefits with USB3?
I thought USB2 has plenty bandwidth, hence we still see USB2 interfaces.

Throughput of data.

USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) 480 megabits per second
USB 3.0 5 gigabits per second

ADDED: The (Hi-Speed) distinction above. There are two kinds of USB 2.0: Hi-Speed and Full-Speed. Hi-Speed is much faster.

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I use two Peavey MD III mixers, a 16 channel and a 12 channel, and a Yamaha MG12. This would take up a fraction of the space those take up, and has infinitely more features and flexibility. Ugh! I want!

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Yes, but isn‘t USB2 sufficient in this case?


Because of the throughput limitation in speed, USB2 audio round-trip latency is hard to get under 6ms, in my experience, 10-11ms for stability. USB3/Thunderbolt tend to be 1.5-2ms latency full round-trip.


If USB3 was needed, wouldn’t they have gone that route? I can’t see them skimping on something like that in this product.

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Apparently USB 2.0 is – USB 3.0 is not that much more expensive or technically difficult that the Behringer engineers would have dropped it if it was absolutely required.

Does it really comes down to USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 for latency?
Isn‘t that mostly driver related?

I‘ve never really looked into it…

And here was me hoping for the launch of their Bolca range of innovative, non-intellectual property sensitive budget midget synths with a cool multi mini oled UI.

This seems to be more targeted at that tiny community of real producers, so “I’m out”, in my best Duncan Bannatyne voice.

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Yes, throughput determines latency.

I’m about to go another route and drop a pile on Motu gear, which is very expandable in a somewhat budget friendly way and keeps a sub 2ms latency for all channels on the USB3 side. Internally the boxes have entire mixer and fx chains for those who want to via app or browser interface (for example, the 8A, not a bad starting place - ).

I will say that if you don’t intend to use your interfaces live, that USB2 is fine for studio use. When I play live (combos of ableton stuff with live guitar, bass, and vox), I find even 10-12ms to annoy me.

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For clarity 10 - 12 ms in air is someone (your bandmate) being 10 to 12 feet farther away.

There are reports of sub 1ms roundtrip latency ‘through the mixer’, the latency on the USB AISO will be partly dependent on the drivers- RME seem top manage top get very decent latency with there USB2 hardware/drivers…

Seems to me this is targeted at live sound applications (though i m sure it can be usefull in a studio). I already got one promotion email in my inbox and it s from a PA audio dealer.

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I have an X32 and the drivers are pretty good - I use it with around 8-10ms RT (24 in/8 out), you can go a lot lower (I can get 3ms RT when I am tracking fast guitar for example, its easy to switch in the little app. This beast does 48 in 48 out with USB AISO…cant see me needing more than that, but you can always use one of the other cards (like ADAT to RME etc)

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Can’t decide: this or Volca Mix?


Moog one + Volca mix or Wing + Volca keys ?

Looks very nice but its probably overkill for me.