Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


i want a Modular Synth with Modules around 20,- bucks. Multiplies and the really “cheap” stuff for even less. to build up a wall of Modular. they’re extremely able to do so. like all cheap behringer effect units selling these days for 10 bucks cased and packed and proofed.

another thing would be some nice desktop units.metal cased,custom knobs,quality! big screen
that software work on the deepmind is ala elektron. at least with more graphics. but really full of functions and an easy access…

they can even combine existing products and they have done everything! metal casing.knobs,mechanics,midas software, WIFI(pairing modular units with ease), everything,


am I only the person that’s getting less impressed with the DM12 the more I hear ? Genuine question - not trying to be a
dick or owt. It just sounds really ‘flat’ somehow… ?

Still - it’s just interweb demos : I’m going to Synthfest in Sheffield in a few weeks - hopefully I’ll get some hands-on time with
the DM12 there.


Well… it isn’t even out really , nobody has had the time to learn to program it yet. That, and most synth demos suck cos tastes and stuff differs so much.

I’ve learned to navigate my way through synth demos, one sweet spot here, another there. Hardly ever a demo, even of classic vintage, is made full of win. I’ve heard of Juno 6/60 demos that sound horrible (which doesn’t mean another person wouldn’t love those sounds).

I think it (the DM-12) sounds good. The basic sound is good, there seems to be some nice modulation possibilities + it has tons of (supposedly) quality FX, for not much money.

I won’t buy it though, but definitely will buy a desktop version if such ever appears.


^ funny you should mention the Juno 6/60 thing…as we know the DM12 is sort of ‘based’ on that basic architecture:

the Juno 60 was my 1st ever synth, 25-odd years ago. yes, it’s a nice sounding,but hugely limited instrument ultimately : I’m sort of shocked by the price these go second-hand now - £1250 ? wtf ? there’s no way a JU-60 is worth that. you can actually ( just sticking with Roland ) buy a JX-8P or Super JX-10 - with a programmer for way less than that ( I know, cos I sold my JX-10 with programmer & flightcase for £750 about 2 years ago ). Both of those instruments are way more than a JU-6 / 60 in terms of sonic potential. An Alpha Juno 1/2 with programmer is even a better instrument.

I mention this as I wonder if the ‘cult of the Juno’ is sort of partly what’s behind the growing excitement behind the DM12?
Like I say I’m withholding judgment until I’ve played one, but the DM12 sounds pretty vanilla to me right now.


I don’t think so : it’s inspired by the Juno but doesn’t sound like one, for what I can tell so far.

I think the excitement is more about the 12 analog voices + all the modulations. Playability seems pretty good, there are a lot of controls.
All this, and, well, the 1k price tag ^^

In the end it’s going to be a very hard price vs. sound ratio that will make the synth a success, I guess.

But you’re right, so far I haven’t heard anything that would let me think this synth can achieve the analog fatness in the low end that a simple JU-06 can reach.


but I’m not saying that really : I’m saying that to me - as a long time owner, who cut his teeth on one - the Juno 60 isn’t a
particularly impressive synth to start with ! It’s a fairly limited somewhat ‘woolly’ sounding cheap analogue with limited sound creation possibilities, terribly sluggish envelopes & a noisy but characterful chorus :slight_smile: It’s capable of a few very nice sounds, but never really a classic in my book, not in terms of raw sound.

Now a Jupiter 8… :wink:


Most underestimated classic analogue poly ever. They’re also surprisingly sturdy and reliable, and easy to service.

The LCD backlight will have died on most units by now, but it’s easy to replace if you have basic soldering skills. Also, the aftertouch on the Alpha Juno 2 tends to break, but in almost all cases taking it apart and cleaning it brings it back to life.

I tried a few of the third-party programmers. The MIDIclub JunoCtrl is not only the least expensive, but also the best option.


I dont think it sounds “flat” at all… but such non-descript adjectives in regards to music and sound design are almost purely personal in the first place, and therefore the most highly subjective - also as a sound engineer it really gets tiring dealing with this kind of thing when people are saying “it sounds too green” or “it sounds too bloobala” or whatever the fuck… so I usually tend to dismiss these kinds of statements immediately anyways

but in fact the DM12 sounds pretty unique IMO, in that most of the patches seem to really lather on all the effects and so forth, which is honestly a big part of the appeal to me as well - from all the routing options, there are a few that seem to feed the audio back through the filters, etc. - so there seems to be quite a lot possible from that kind of situation… its definitely more of a players synth, rather than a programmers synth tho - no multitimbral, heavy on the instant gratification buttons, etc.

honestly im pretty excited about it but i doubt everyone will love it - doesnt seem like a universal hit

but im probably going to get one asap… who knows

yeh, so “flat” is not how i would describe this, but like i said… lots of placebo and anti-placebo effects in this area


If I understand correctly @xmit, I also feel like there’s some kind of lack of low end, I would like to hear a plain saw waveform and see how it compares with a JU-06…
But so far we’ve only seen demos, hard to judge the sound from YT.

What can be judged are the specs and UI, and so far it seems it has been a nice conception.
Can’t wait to test it !


does it not sound bottom heavy to you at 1:40 in this? just wondering what you think of when you say “low end”… sub bass or mid bass, etc


Hadn’t watched this demo, thank you pal…
What I was looking for were the rich brass sound such as the one at 8:06

Yummi :yum:

I find it rather hard to put words on sounds I have in mind or describing a sound I hear.
It’s like tasting wine, you need both words and accurate sense.
Don’t be too hard with synthesis novices :smile_cat:


I love the pads here - some of them have a fuzzy, borderline nasty edge that I like


Shit. I’ve seen enough. Time to request some OT and a second job.


I don’t think it lacks bass, but it’s obviously not a Moog.

Anyways, it’s a polysynth. I would buy one primarily for chords, which don’t need to be super bassy anyway. If you want a bassline machine, there are PLENTY of options in that price range and lower.

If the desktop version ever materializes, I’ll buy one definitely, sans some sort of a design/build faults which cause these to blow up a day after the warranty ends.


A rack-version with knobs please



That’s probably the best sounding demo so far, though much of the goodness is coming from the onboard FX I think - not
in of itself a bad thing I must add - I love load of FX on synths.

Looking forward to trying one in person in a couple of weeks.


I have no experience playing on a poly synth outside of the A4, but the tracks on the A4 seem too valuable to waste voices for poly. Not only does the poly capabilities seem to blow A4s out of the water, but it also sounds very capable given its price range. If I get back into money, I would definitely give this a try


Really interesting proof of concept for Deepmind! Augmented reality controls.


Wow. Kinda makes the visual aspect of teenage engineering’s looming OP-Z look about a century out of date! I know it’s not the same goal etc, but this is genuinely next level. Dunno how practical it would be in real life and nothing is ever gonna be better than hands on UI (unless telepathy turns up ;). But for things like having the deepmind mod matrix there in front of you, taking up zero real world space…kind of genius…


Are you kidding me, Behringer?! Like, this synth was already pretty damn cool, and now you’re incorporating THIS into it?! You’ve outdone yourself to an astounding degree