Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


Too bad it’s that huge.


strange comment… its smaller than every other analog poly out there

hell its smaller than most 4-octave MIDI controller keyboards


How about A4? It’s a smaller analog polysynth :wink:
The thing is you will not take this Behringer synth with you in a back pack. Not everyone needs synth with a keys. They could skip some analog voices and build smaller compact desktop version.


Ironically not much thought went into the name.

I like Behringer and I hope the synth is a success for various reasons but that name is ridiculous.


looks like they’re reusing a lot of physical components for button pads and sliders from their other products. never was a fan of how their mixers felt. great feature set but less than average build quality, dare I say worse feeling than the arturia stuff.


Yeah, its cool, but it isn’t anything special. Frankly, I’d rather spend twice as much on something I know will last


Was this mentioned already? I forgot. But here’s Behringer’s FB post asking for ideas on the desktop version:

Seems like synth makers charge about $100-$200 less for the module version of a keyboard synth so I’m guessing this desktop version will have an initial MSRP of $799 ($200 less than the $999 keyboard).


Not really digging this video presentation.
Not enough sounds, too many menus…
Yet, it’s nice to see the guts.
The guy wasn’t well prepared… Watching this chilled down my GAS a bit.


I think what might happen is so many people demand less menus, more physical controls on the desktop, that they add a bunch more knobs and drive up the price to $1500.



they’ve already announced plans for a desktop version, which i would prefer as well

but seeing how tiny the keyboard is, i may grab it

and yeh - its not the best thing on the planet… for one, i think the high resonance filter sweeps sound pretty garbage… but nothing is perfect, especially when it comes to behringer… its more about bang for buck

12 analog voices in one keyboard is very useful to me… very very useful


I think they might have nailed the usability part. Everything looks really easy to use and sliders are great compared to knobs, it’s easier to see at a glance how some settings are.

But I agree on the looks of it, it looks somehow… cheap. Or perhaps it’s the Behringer logo on left, they could have hidden it to get more street cred!

Also, the display design looks to be pretty utilitarian. But I guess after Qu-24 color touch display every other display looks barebones…


The dude in the video stated that he’s not much a keyboard player so that’s why there wasn’t a lot of sounds. He also stated the version he has is a prototype version so I’m sure the look of the final version will change a bit. Menus are not all that bad as doing that helps keep cost down.


I think the thing to keep in mind is that it started as a juno clone, but then evolved to much more than that. This is going to be THE pad/atmos/fx synth.



these videos are revealing more of the unique sound profile from this synth… i can dig it - pretty excited about such an affordable analog 12 voice


Indeed. Way more excited that any of the 909 stuff :smiley:


think about some Behringer Elektron sized desktop units around that screen.

they’re open minded right now…maybe they’re coming up with a sample Unit–as fast as the Octatrack. :bread:


i would not be surprised at all… that is Behringers MO - make a clone of something really cool, sell it at half the price… in fact, it seems inevitable at this point

The response for this synth has been so overwhelming that we have decided to establish a comprehensive Synthesizer Division. We are currently hiring 30 engineers and product managers in the UK and Canada; feel free to apply.

Please share with us what synths, drum machines, samplers etc. or features you like to have. Be assured we will carefully listen.

  • Uli Behringer


Hmm, that is quite an aggressive move. Might be good for competition. Perhaps some companies could start innovating as well.


…but they are definitely going to kick all those markets.

a big line up in all directions…

Please share with us what synths, drum machines, samplers etc. or features you like to have. Be assured we will carefully listen.

Uli Behringer