Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


The more I look at that desktop module the more I like it. I do like the idea of a full keyboard on a 12 voice so I don’t need to rely on my controller keyboard. But space is limited and I really love the layout of this module. Unlike the Prophet 12 module, everything is very much right there and accessible.


This Behringer hype brought me to enjoy pads more than I ever did : I just love pushing keys with 8 fingers and let the sound growing, changing slowly, being sculpted with the mod wheel…
Feels like I need a decent synth with ≥4 octaves and 12 voices. :yum:
And an expression pedal.


damn, son… 12 voice unison… thats a mono patch with 24 oscillators!


1st of november according to juno records…


Personally I would prefer the desktop version, (space-wise) but it seems to really warrant a keybed. Interested to see the sequencing capabilities and if you can get away with a standalone box.

The price is expected to drop tonight?


I wonder if familiar features crammed into an attractively priced box, is what we really want. The more teasers from this synth, the more I realise it’s like the Minilogue - perhaps a commercial game changer, though not a creative one.

Of course, making high quality instruments available to more people, is in itself a way to offer more creative options to more people. So in that respect, this is good.

Still, though - I’m hoping there’s another teaser around the corner, saying “You can’t do this with any other synth out there.”

After all, the gent behind it says it’s gonna blow our minds. I kind of like my mind, so if it’s gonna be blowed up, I’d like it to be properly done so, with a bang that echoes way after my mind’s gone.


Well Damn 1k… Sign me up!.. tho I kind of want the desktop version… lol.



Ok. I’m taking back what I just said. At that price, it’s beyond commercial game changer.

I will now flail myself for the hours until dawn.


It seems like a rather cool synth. Tho i’ll wait until the sonic state review before I order one.


Here is Uli’s full post for those of you who don’t go over to the gearslutz forum…



this is an amazing post!

…hopefully he’s coming with a smaller deepmind 4/6 desktop unit for 299,-

great job.



Really nice price-point. I wish I could actually use or need another synth at this point. I am literally at my happy place with my gear. However, Behringer is going to sell these like potato latke’s in Toronto on Saturday mornings. Behringer’s acquisition of MIDAS a few years ago has proven a very smart move. Behringer is much larger than most realize.


Totally agree.
This smart move made me consider Behringer very differently.
So far it was hard discount gear / low quality disposable stuff.
The image shifted in my mind, I see it more as a way to democratize music equipments.

Guess I’m not the only one. This synth could become the first step of a big scale change in the world of music equipment.


yes, 1k is cheap but i need to hear it and get my hands on the knobs before Ill make a decision


Sure makes you wonder how cheap the desktop will be.


Damn, it’s unbelievable cheap! I guess I’m “trying to survive” with my Prophet 6, though.

Other manufacturers might be in trouble if the quality and sound is good.


:astonished: - yeh i think they did it… homerun for behringer

also, beyond how cool the synth itself is… it really puts some pressure on the market which is a great thing

i guess that means the desktop version will be 799?? i am so fucking down with that