Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]



When I think about behringer, I always remember by 2nd small mixing desk back in 90s … after 2 years using live and in studio it got noisey, cracky and a lot of distortion.

But if you are in tape style delays … Behringer EM600 is such a good small piece of gear for only 40 bucks. So I guess … yes they can build great gear.


Behringer mixers seem to be the biggest source of complaints, and most of them seem to be from folks who bought one from the bottom of the barrel a decade ago. I also see plenty of people with $10K in modular gear running through $40 Behringer mixers. I’ve got a handful of Berry products in my studio, and while they aren’t flashy they do the job well. This synth is pretty flashy tho, and given that they seem focused on changing their public perception and this being a labor of love I think it’s going to win over the detractors.


How much less would you all pay for it if it was called the “Phat 12”? Hehehe


speculation is that it will be a competitor for the big boy analog polys

so, around $2500 or so


I don’t think so, for such price people range would rather reach a DSI I guess…

No, I’d rather say 1k € would be the good price tag for Behringer to really rob the whole market and bring their new synth to the “masses” (also I feel it’s still a high price tag).

Behringer is new to synths + they don’t have a reputation of high quality instruments…
So above this I’m not sure people would buy blindly… I wouldn’t.

1k€ is the good price tag IMO.


If it’s $1,500 or less This will be first on my pre-order list. After watching this video.


hmm, buzz words like “mass market” and “affordable not only for the rich” translates to me in a sub 1000 € pricetag, lets say 899. Also the exterior with all the small faders and plastic buttons look quite cheap. its no competitor for moog or dsi and therefore they also need to keep it below 1k.

im not that interested in cheap polys, even if they are fully analog. I have good monophonic analogs to play with the knobs and when I need a poly-sound a midi controller with a digital emulation in a plugin will do the trick as chords are mostly not in the center of a mix. so main question for me is if they sound better as an arturia V or NI komplete to be worth the hassel with the hardware. For me a hardware synth needs improved knobs and keyboards when compared to a midi controller to give me more playfullness. Im afraid this concept to get out cheap hardware wont do the trick for me.

I cannot judge the sound from the few videos yet, for that I need at least a full hands on video with the final hardware. what rings my belll is that they say “the fx pump new live in the sound”, I hope this doesnt translate into “without the fx the bread and butter sounds are crap”, anyway its good to have new kids on the synth block, so welcome behringer :slight_smile:


Pretty sure it will be something like $1499 and not sub-$1000.

I don’t think it’s a synth that will add a lot to your setup in terms of sound unless you don’t yet have anything with a rolandesque filter.

In terms of architecture it really appears to be a Juno 106 with everything doubled (voices, DCO, LFO) or tripled (ENV), with added PW on the saw (let’s hope it’s as nice as the crazy waveshapes on the Alpha Juno), a mod matrix, and modern effects.

Keep in mind that the chorus has always been a huge part of the sound of the Juno series. Doesn’t really makes sense to suddenly start complaining about that in this context.

It does look like a real “player’s synth” with just the right amount of hands-on control for quickly tweaking sound during your performance.

I am a bit surprised it doesn’t seem to do digital audio out over USB and that there only appears to be a single main stereo output.


While I think this is super cool, this is more of an engineering achievement than a visionary one. It’s a matter of being able to cram familiar combinations of features into an affordable box and push the limits of exactly how much you can cram into an analogue synth and still put a price tag on it that people can afford. But it doesn’t open up new avenues or anything, it’s just the latest in the race where those with the most features win, when we die.

I’m not complaining. I think that’s great enough.

What I like about Elektron’s stuff is that they’re doing things differently from the core. The second you approach the Octatrack, you have to rethink what a sampler can be, what you can use it for. And you’ll find workflows and methods that will generate new kinds of tracks and songs, that no other instrument will enable you to do. It’s not about the features, it’s about the thought behind the instrument itself. And the Rytm’s the same. The way it’s built and designed pushes you into new territory and forces you to leave old ones.

I love what Behringer is doing here. But it’s also just a step closer to a workstation keyboard with analogue power. Effects, lots of voices, solid keybed, knobs and wheels and switches to go, and an editor to boost and perhaps a sequencer as well.

But I’m holding out for whatever Elektron’s got cooking. They always challenge me as an artist with their stuff. You’re never in the comfort zone with their gear. And I love that.


Well, this does once again makes me wish Elektron would have doubled the voice count (not the number of tracks) on the Analog Keys…


I’m hoping it will be multi-timbral, or at least bi-timbral.

Not that workstation-ey if it isn’t. And 12 voices is quite a bit for a single part.


Funny how this synth brought me to feel like I need more voices these days… Brought back the Blofeld on the table :slight_smile:

About the name “DeepMind”, Behringer expressed himself.


To me it will be the missing poly among my AK and AR.


Every time I see “Deep Mind 12”, in my mind I hear “Deep space nine”


Ok, I get that they’re excited, but I don’t understand why Behringer would let anyone see the ‘PHAT 12’ version. Like, this is a real company?


That’s kinda what I’m looking for too…

Have AR, AK, OT and Sub 37, need a poly now and I’m pretty much set.


behringer has always been pretty vocal about their products


The desktop prototype version:


yeh i wasnt really interested until they brought out the desktop version… now im much more excited - i had been eyeing the Parva but with all the design problems it wasnt looking good…

12 voice poly would be amazing, but im still wondering about that price… im hoping they pull a classic behringer and give you 1000 features for 10 dollars