Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


Well I don’t care about an exact recreation of a Roland Sound… this is not on my wish-list, I mean we have 2018 and not the eighties … I’m more interested in a nice but not too expensive replacement for my Radias. The rack version seems a great bang for the buck (I have no place for a keyboard)

BTW if someone is interested in my Radias, then pm me, I will soon put it in the sales here for a period of time


If they’re selling the Deepmind 6 for $500 now, I’d like to see them make a stripped down version with no fx, closer to the simplicity and design of a Juno, and sell it for $400. They’re making all these other clones, might as well make a Juno clone while they’re at it.



Some really nice sounds in this video:


Great videos. Didn’t know the Deepmind 12 sounded so damn close to the Juno 106. I knew that’s what it was going for, but not that it actually got there. Combine that with the mod matrix and the insane amount of FX and you might as well just buy that. I mean, the Ju-06 goes for $450 on ebay…It’s a no-brainer to me.

Only thing is I played one at GC some months back and thought the keybed was just awful. Felt like those cheap midi keybeds. Oh well.


Buy the desktop and save a bit more. :wink:


Eh I won’t buy either lol. I much prefer working in the box with synthesizers these days…Elektron is the obvious exception. But buying a synth that sounds like a Juno with a bunch of cool FX seems pointless to me when I have Arturia Jupiter 8 and Tal U No LX–and the Deepmind would just stay in my studio anyway :man_shrugging: My studio is so minimal I literally have an MS2000 acting as a midi controller and two Elektron boxes in front of my monitors. I see people with a half a dozen synths and I just don’t understand! Different strokes :laughing::+1:t6:



After watching this video carefully i am impressed with the DeepMind. This particular DeepMind though could use a small tweak with its seventh or eighth oscillator.

Perhaps that’s the difference, the Sequential is well calibrated, so my guess, after electronic assembly quite a bit of time is spent in precise adjustments, or perhaps they selected more expensive high-precision components, or both. Someone could probably make a business calibrating DeepMinds.

But i also am positively impressed with the built-in advantages of the DeepMind, like with effects, and the modulation matrix. So it depends what you are looking for, beyond the three and a half multiple in price.


The DeepMind 24

Possible GAZ Alert!

Gaz and Jason Jervis (in this much too annoying video) polychain a Deepmind 12 and a Deepmind 12D together to create a Deepmind 24! They also do some fun stuff with the control sequencer using it like an LFO and then applying it through the mod matrix. Nice set of tricks.

This all sounds massive and great (the little you hear in this video) – but when you add in the consideration that this rig costs only $1300 USD new – that’s a whole 'nother thing. And used – well look for yourself. That’s one of the benefits of a cost efficient price, making this sort of madness affordable.

Now most-wise no one needs 24 voices of analog polyphony – but on the other hand it does make a deep sound – and that’s only 6 notes with 4 voice detuned unison so it is usable.


I think 24 poly is excessive and just for fun but I have toyed with the idea of eventually having a 4-6 poly Model D.


DeepMind 12 Editor / Controller