Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]


from your experience, guys, is 6 voices enough for this synth? how often do you use more than 6?
i just want to buy deepmind6, cause it’s smaller and lighter, kinda usable for live gigs…


Depends. You quickly eat into the 12 voices when looking to do more complicated sound design due to the waveform options. From experience and reading around most people used the DM12 as a 6 voice poly. Having said that, you’ll get some serious mileage out of theDM6 and FX options.


So very hard to resist.

Behringer DeepMind 12 – US $699
Behringer DeepMind 12 Desktop – $599
Behringer DeepMind 6 – $499

There is various speculation on the reason for this.

The Behringer synth fx thread

Not a massive impact seen in UK prices. They were already ridiculously low. But that desktop looks mighty tempting.

It’s a lovely synth though. Had the 12 for a while - a real solid all rounder


the option to assign different note cluster selections to different individual keys on the Deepmind is such a usable, sensible feature. maybe not of interest to those who know how to play keyboard fluently.

other keyboards sometimes offer the ability to set a “chord” mode for a patch, and then choose/play those notes, and then the keyboard will auto-transpose depending on what note is played. that is pretty cool but the option to have a variety of chords immediately available at the press of a single note gives quite a lot more creatively musical potentialities… either playing live or composing/sequencing in the studio.

and the option to introduce swing to the arpeggiator, that is a very attractive option. not that it would sound cool all of the time.

it would be possible to make it sound really naff, with swing on a simple arpeggiation. and yet the use of swing is such a subtle ‘art’, for want of a better word. arpeggiator swing is potentially very cool, especially if there is a syncopated Lfo doing random tweaks on the filter.

i was thinking of renting a DM6 to play another synth, just for those two features.


On YouTube I always see and hear the sounds with the FX. Is it good or more average?
This synth is plain cheep right now and I prefer the rack-version. What about the noise from the cooler?


Sonic state reviews often go through waveforms etc .
There are likely to be many deepmind threads on gearslutz and muffwigglers , both can be found via google , both have search functions to find the thread.

I don’t have one , I think they’re good though.


Can’t answer your question but some videos really got me interested in its sound.
Especially this. Seems that you can make it sound great :slight_smile:




Jesus, just saw the current new price - £625 for the keys version is utterly ridiculous. £544 on the desktop too?! I might have to have a chat with the better half around this one…

The FX section is fantastic on the DM. I owned one briefly but was going through a moody phase with music at the time and decided to shift everything hardware. It’s very capable. @Unifono’s video is a great example of its capabilities.


The price reduction has gotten to the UK then. This isn’t a passing thing, the prices have stayed low here since August here in the US. Hard to beat.


played it yesterday. was already in love with pad sounds from youtube demos, but what really impressed me, is some patches with only one voices playing, and it sounded so thick and nice. envelopes are quite snappy to my taste. great synth, and it’s a steal for that price.
p.s. heard no noise from fan


Deepmind 6 for 500 euro… Hmm. The 6 voices would be sufficient for me. What a price.
I read that the fx are really good quality


Yeah i notice that a large part of the video Unifono put up, could have been done with a monosynth just as well. (There were also some nice chords in there too.) I think that relates to what was talked about just yesterday on Sonic Talk #552, about the Moog One,. Several there were talking about how most analog voices are so thick that there’s little room for polyphony. That’s as a general rule, though not always. They were wondering about the need for so many parts on the Moog One. The same might apply to the DeepMind as well.

Then again what was Switched on Bach but analog polyphony? [50th Anniversary]


I googled the price out of curiosity wondering if it was Trade war thing but apparently it’s all too do with Behringers new factory which is massively more efficient. Plus DM12 recouped all it’s R&D costs so all this is now flowing through to the final pricing. One hell of a price.


I thought this was a pretty good run-down.

Whenever I’ve tried one I’ve had a pretty strong reaction against the build quality, the screen & menus, the general complexity and how over-FXed the presets are. Not sure why but I struggled to make sounds I’d make on a Juno 60/106 pretty quickly. With some more familiarity I’m sure it’s easy enough. But it didn’t have the Juno character for me, which is what I was hoping for (probably misguided, but when they’ve copied the typeface and layout…). Not the same magic at all to my ear, no sweetness in the filter.

The current pricing is really something though.


I agree, IMO it’s a bit sad that they set out to make a Juno-inspired synth and then lost track of their goal so badly.


This price will drop further as we run up to the holidays for sure


From what I hear it can be limited to sound like a Juno but offers much much .
I’d they’d made a clone people would complain / be happy
If they develop on it , some people complain / some are happy

Maybe it’s better to evaluate this synth on its merits and if anyone wants a Juno it’s probably best to save and buy a Juno and deal with the issues of an old synth (tuning , cost , repair , weight , limited midi and connectivity ) . At least it would sound accurate .
I have a few boutiques which seem fine to me , I made the choice to buy the versions I could afford , if I want exact i’d have to suck it up and save more money.

I’d like a desktop version , but my other gear is similar , I don’t need another polysynth .


That video shows very well what DM is capable of. It is a very versatile synth, you can pretty much recreate any classic synth sound with it and the modulation options as well as the FX are awesome for creating more experimental sounds.

To my ears, Deepmind sounds way better than DSI synths that cost 2-3 times more. It’s the best synth purchase I’ve made (and I paid way more for it than what it costs nowadays, the current price is a total steal).