Behringer MS-101


Just arrived and I did an unboxing video. Not something I normally do but seems it a bit of a thing these days :smile:

I’ll do a music video by this evening probably. Going to play with it now :+1:

Quick update - it sounds good and is well built!


Looks tasty, I hope it’s good as I think it will be!


Have fun…


Good news is it survived the drop in the video :crazy_face::smile:


you need to buy a box cutter. eventually the wife will notice the good kitchen knives being dulled from opening synth boxes.


First video, haven’t owned a 101 before so I just tweaked away to discover it :smile:


Awesome video DavyP !!!

Just saw this video about a problem (bug?) with the external clock signal in the MS-101.

Maybe this is a problem only with this unit, or some sort of operator error.

Does the external clock work for you DavyP?

ADDED: In the comments section of this video there is this from Behringer:
Many thanks for the feedback, this is currently being addressed by our engineers stay tuned for the next firmware release.

So it’s real and being addressed.


Hm. Looks huge. I keep waiting for Space Bee


I tried midi in on all 16 channels and nothing! few others have had that as well


Good lord, soon you‘ll have the world‘s first complete collection of contemporary synths, can‘t be long now.


Hah ha I was speaking to a friend who said I should rent the shed out for recording sessions :smile:


A bit disheveled as Ive been busy with the 101


i’m assuming all the midi / lfo /sequencer stuff is digital and fixable via firmware.
its a shame it has shipped with a few issues but it seems typical these days.

they just released a neutron update , which is encouraging as its been out a while.

Behringer Neutron

nice movie poster :+1:


Let’s hope so. I plan to sequence and modulate it primarily via so it’s not that big a deal for me but can imagine as the majority use midi it could be a pain in the arse for a load of people.


Thanks, I’m a bit of a serial video maker so will have plenty more to come, have trouble sleeping at the moment so I’m up now at 3.55am UK time having another play about :crazy_face:


Didn’t sleep that well so I got up and made another video :smile:

This time the 101 is sequenced via CV and Gate from a Squarp Pyramid, the pyramid is also clocking the Techno System, and the Techno system is sending clock to the polymath. I’m using the Polymath sequencer to modulate the VCF of the MS 101. Then I just did the usual and tweaked away.

I’ve enjoyed using the 101 so far and think it sounds great. Build quality is spot on, there are the issues re external clock and midi but these haven’t affected my enjoyment as i rarely use midi and have sequencers coming out my ears.

Updated 22/4/19

Did a video this morning giving a look at the MS-101 FM Modulation for the VCF:


I´ve read a lot of reports that the MIDI in is not working and wonder how they manage to ship the synth like this. It´s not just a bug, it is a key feature! I would be very mad if I had one. :slight_smile:


quoting/replying to my own silly joke…

a day after I said this, we received a package from Amazon and my wife grabbed a nice kitchen knife to open it. :man_facepalming:


MS 101 upside down is LOL SW

Don’t really have anything actually useful to add. Thanks for the videos