Behringer MS-1 [was MS-101]

ms-101 sounds nice :+1:


How are you finding the sync? I’ve heard people complain about it.

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Theres an issue with midi and the internal sequencer clocking that Behringer are currently working on.

I’ve been sequencing via cv and gate so no issues as far as the way I use it. :+1:

Wait a sec - last time I checked you had a red one. Did you get the blue one, too? :rofl:



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i knew about the midi not working, so is External Clock in not working either?

yeah its screwed up, I think it will be patched too, CV and Gate is the way to go at the moment

I do have my eye on the Blue one, its out in august :smile:

Its amazing they make them so cheap, they must have little to no profit margin on them !

That’s annoying, the sequencer is a massive part of why I love the 101. hopefully it’s a simple fix with a new firmware update

Its supposed to have been worked on over the weekend

I´ve read a lot of reports that the MIDI in is not working and wonder how they manage to ship the synth like this. It´s not just a bug, it is a key feature! I would be very mad if I had one. :slight_smile:

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quoting/replying to my own silly joke…

a day after I said this, we received a package from Amazon and my wife grabbed a nice kitchen knife to open it. :man_facepalming:


MS 101 upside down is LOL SW

Don’t really have anything actually useful to add. Thanks for the videos

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Catching my wife using my kitchen knife as a pry bar or somesuch is going to be the end of my marriage. Every time it happens I remind her that this is why we can’t have nice things in the kitchen.

Of course I get reminded that I do all the cooking so if she wrecks my knives it’s no sweat off her back. Serenity now!


HAHA. I just saw that and was about to comment as well. :wink:

still not sure why they didn’t choose “BS-101”






Anyone know when these will be available in the US? I see some in Europe already have their hands on them.

I checked and – both are preorder – as well as sweetwater in USA. Musicstore says available July 17th. I see Kraft Music in the USA lists delivery as May 31st.

From observation (with the D and Neutron) i think Behringer phases in manufacturing in waves, as they work out the kinks. So there is an initial delivery with a set number of units, and then once they’re confident, they turn up the production. (This is common practice in volume manufacturing.) Given that the early MS-101’s seem to have a few extra wrinkles (nothing too serious imo), that might also delay things a little too.

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they’ve released a firmware that reportedly fixes midi/other minor issues , people seem to be happy.