Behringer MS-1 [was MS-101]

Im wondering if it works like a sustain pedal input would or if its simply for holding an arp. I know its mono but if I were to use this as a midi controller a sustain pedal would be nice.

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fwd to 6 mins for start of comparison (dude rambles on for aaaages)

We can agree that the MS101 is a very accurate clone with few interesting new features (Filter FM, Triangle Waveform). The variations between the original and the ms101 are as small as the varation between different units of the original. I hope that they are going to release grey and blue ones as well, in Germany only the red one is listed for 299€ which is a no-brainer imo.


personally don’t think it sounds any more like the 101 than the A4 does. meaning, if you have an A4, don’t waste your money. or if you’re after one, a used A4 is a way better purchase.

I thought it sounded pretty close, but the SH-01a sounds better IMHO and is cheaper, and has full midi control, an improved SH-101 sequencer, poly mode and no redundant keyboard, the small sliders may put some people off but in use I find them fine. The Nova mods on the MS might swing it for some people though.

Here is the SH-01a vs SH-101 shootout for comparison.


The 101 has the most accessable user interface of all synths that I played. That is why I am looking forward to the full size version. If you are looking just for the sound the sh01a or TAL 101 VSTi are perfect.


oh I know, I own one. and an A4! so I’m not really in any position to tell people not to buy it, lol. but yeah, I’m just trying to say they cover the same ground sonically.

all the extra mods do kinda destroy the beauty of how simple the interface is though.

Yeah the 101 interface is brilliant can be read at a glance. I have lost count of the number of SH-101 and MC-202 I’ve owned probably 3-4 of each maybe more over the years, I always got rid of the 101’s due to space, so for me the SH-01a is perfect. A 202 boutique would be dope and an instabuy for me.

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Sounds pretty much the same to me.

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I noticed Sweetwater among many others is now taking pre-orders for the MS-101.

Your choice of color – red, black, or blue. $330

They all come with handles – i guess it’s up to you whether you want to be cool. :sunglasses:
What color do cool people play?


I like black, I assume it comes with a strap too? or is that just a regular guitar strap?

what?! arghhhh!!
Moogaudio have it only in red and it’s 560$ canadian before tax

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On the Sweetwater page:

Performance Kit with strap and attachable hand grip included

I think i’d like blue? with this guitar strap


Was there a release date for this? I know it’s in pre-order in few places …

End of April? I don’t think Behringer has set an absolute date. I’ve seen a few retailers list a date around end of April start of May time. Soon (depending on your meaning of soon).

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My local retailer lists 26th of April for availability

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I have been thinking about buying a Prophet recently, what made you go for the supersized version?